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arctic.ten is a modelling tool for complex organisations or capabilities. It brings together business and technology information in a unique way to accelerate the response to discontinuities.


AlphaZetta Services Program for Teradata

AlphaZetta is uniquely positioned to enable Teradata customers to optimize the value they derive from their analytics ecosystem because we have many of the best Teradata experienced Architects, Business Consultants, Developers and Data Scientists from around the globe. From cloud migration and system optimization, to harnessing the new opportunities that come with the latest Teradata Vantage platform, AlphaZetta can advise and support you in getting the best outcome and value for your investment.


GReg (Regulatory Risk Solution)

Together with Green Leaf, AlphaZetta is proud to offer GReg, a regulatory risk solution developed as a joint effort by regulatory and technology experts to fit EU finance regulations such as CoRep and AnaCredit. GReg surpasses competitive solutions in breadth of functionality, flexibility and low maintenance costs. A proof of concept can be deployed at customer premises within 2 weeks.