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The AutomateNOW! workload automation suite is an enterprise workload scheduling and automation system with a focus on data processing and information delivery.

This third-generation product from InfiniteDATA brings an already modern architecture to a full micro-services deployment model. It includes a fully web-based interface, a simple One-Click-Away navigation concept, a single license for all features including Managed File Transfer, SLA monitoring, and 150 out-of-the-box integrations, and Open API.

Advanced features include contextual intelligence, reusable components, and dynamic workflows to create fewer, more powerful job definitions.

Current AutomateNOW! customers come from every industry, where highly complex and heavy demands for data management and analytics are the foundation of their business driving competitive advantage.

InfiniteDATA is a European company with sites in Europe and Asia since 2010. Leading analysts of Enterprise Management Associates placed InfiniteDATA among the industry leaders and names it a “disruptor” on the mature WLA market in it’s 2019 EMA Radar report.

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AutomateNOW! addresses different challenges for different companies depending on their maturity level. Maturity levels include:

Reactive | Standardised | Controlled | Proactive | Intelligent

Typical customer challenges in the lower maturity levels may include:

  • Cannot deliver on time
  • Process is performed manually, ineffectively
  • Cannot scale with current solution
  • Lack of control
  • High costs of operations
  • Lots of incidents.

Typical challenges in the higher maturity levels include:

  • Cross-platform and technology issues
  • Hundreds of thousands or millions of processes
  • Critical path optimisation
  • Proactive SLA or incident management
  • Process sensing and real-time analytics.

Whenever companies find IT and business processes that are slow, difficult to monitor and optimise, and cause a great number of incidents to be reported to IT, the best advice is to make use of AutomateNOW! to monitor and orchestrate.

When a CIO or IT Director sees their teams are facing the overload of daily, repetitive tasks with many errors and mistakes, it is high time to automate the most difficult areas and unleash the potential of the people for more valuable activities.


AutomateNOW! deploys easily in all the corners of your enterprise, starting with IT, ending in sophisticated business functions. It is one platform to orchestrate the processes of all areas of digital enterprise.

Use Cases

Most common use cases include:

  • Scheduler / automation tool replacement (Control-M, IBM Tivoli etc.)
  • SAS/Data Lake/Teradata/Snowflake process orchestration
  • Workload automation, orchestration and optimization
  • Daily/monthly procedures for core systems
  • ETL and file transfers
  • Giving finance people ownership of their processes (GL enrichment)
  • Enabling business users or data scientists to schedule their processes
  • Cloud instance automation and DevOps
  • SAP + Non-SAP ecosystem process control
  • Software patch roll-outs.


  • The Self-Service module enables business power-users to run complex queries and database scripts without the supervision of IT administrators and specialists, when their execution will have no impact on critical processes.
  • The tool can automate mass and repetitive administrative processes implemented in a similar form on a large number of environments, e.g. patching, running instances, disabling cloud instances, etc.).
  • Thanks to the automation of processes and tasks, disaster recovery tests (backup, recovery, checking environments when switching from PRD to DRC) as part of the BCP policy review allows to shorten such processes and significantly reduce the involvement of IT staff (DR tests currently last several hours for one client for 3 people instead of the entire weekend (Fri, 17:00 – Sun, 21:00) for 13-15 people).
  • The tool perfectly performs Managed File Transfer tasks by sending millions of files a day between dozens of systems, with control of their quality, consistency and dependencies between systems.
  • The built-in “One Touch Migration” functionality allows you to easily transfer process and task definitions between test / dev / preprod / uat / prod / drc environments, making it easier to maintain consistency between environments.
  • AutomateNOW! integrates with ITSM class systems (e.g. Jira, Remedy, ServiceNOW), so it is possible to automatically generate tickets, monitor them and automate the execution and closing of orders.

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