If you’re in the market to hire analytics consultants you may well be considering using either a recruiter or one of the big consulting firms. AlphaZetta’s mission is to provide a better way for analytics experts to work directly with clients: we’re different by design. Here we explain how you can leverage our differences for your gain in hiring your analytics talent.

Not your typical analytics consulting company

The traditional, big consulting firms typically mark up their resources by 2.5 times to 3 times. For junior and offshore resources, it can be significantly higher. We believe that’s too high.

AlphaZetta does not carry and will not charge you the overheads of traditional, large consulting firms. We operate fully digitally and virtually so we don’t have expensive offices or infrastructure to maintain, and nor do we have multiple management layers. Our approach lowers the costs and opens access to high quality analytics talent to a wider audience.

When you hire an expert from us, they have the whole AlphaZetta network and resources to support them in delivering your project. So you get all the benefits of a big firm supporting you, just without the high costs and overheads!

Contact us and we match you with the best available analytics talent there is, just for when you need them; onshore, offshore or right-shored.

Why you should look beyond recruiters for hiring analytics consultants and staff

Recruiters typically have little to no real world experience of the data and analytics domain. They do their best, but genuinely just search and use a checklist provided by the client.

AlphaZetta has deep practical experience and knowledge in the domain, having hired and led analytics teams ourselves for many years. So we can tell who are genuine experts with authority and certainty.

Every AlphaZetta consultant is carefully screened and we rely on peer network reviews to evaluate quality. Almost all consultants have been referred by another AlphaZettan – we pride ourselves on the power of someone in the team having worked with a candidate before.

Augment your analytics team with a contingent workforce

AlphaZetta can help you fill the burst capacity in your analytics projects with our contingent workforce. We try to make the process as simple and frictionless as possible.

As at October 2021, AlphaZetta has over 850 analytics consultants worldwide:

233 EMEA
198 Australia & New Zealand
131 Singapore & Malaysia
110 Philippines

88 Other APAC
25 Russia & West Asia
35 North America

So whether you’re writing your analytics strategy, migrating to the cloud, developing dashboards, looking for profitable insights or preparing for an agile deployment, we offer experts who can deliver the full range of analytics services, under highly flexible arrangements.

Do you have a project that needs specialist or short term expertise? Get in touch with one of our managing partners for a no obligation and confidential discussion.

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