Petr, enterprise architectBased in Russia

Petr Podymov is a seasoned Enterprise Architect with a focus on planning, explaining and justifying structural investments in business and technology change and transformation programs. He has more than 15 years’ experience in banking, retail and education industries. Since 2011 he has focussed on digitally oriented organisational transformations, having worked his way through business process management to become a project portfolio leader, then a management consultant and CIO.

Petr has played an expert role in several huge-scale PMO establishment initiatives. Once demand for agile-transformation appeared, he participated in advanced governance model creation with enterprise agility pioneers of their industry: Sberbank of Russia and Leroy Merlin. Petr is also a university lecturer in magistracy and new course author since 2015 and develops education programs for professional audiences.

Transforming the Organization into a Digital Company

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This course provides an overview of how to evaluate an enterprise’s digital investment portfolio and then how to enable digital transformation via organisational change. In a context where global disruption is the norm, enterprise agility is more important than ever. To build enterprise agility you need a solid foundation of appropriate organisational structure and governance, as well as financial and human capital and a strong technical platform. This course covers how to evaluate and prepare an enterprise for digital transformation.

Identifying Digital Change Initiatives

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This course provides a practical framework for identifying digital change initiatives with enterprise analysis to highlight opportunities where real change is needed within the organisation. The framework covers how to appropriately prioritise these opportunities, identify missing competencies and resource them, and then how to evaluate and propose digital change solutions. The course concludes with how to devise and plan an appropriate implementation strategy and trajectory.

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