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Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky
Dr. Eugene DubossarskyBased in Australia
Eugene is Managing Partner of AlphaZetta Academy and a leader in the analytics field in Australia, with 20 years’ commercial data science experience. He is the head of the Sydney Data Science group (3,000+ members), the Sydney Users of R Forum (1,900+ members), and Datapreneurs (400+ members). He is regularly invited to be a conference presenter, consultant and advisor, and appears in print and on television to discuss data science and analytics. Eugene also applies data science in an entrepreneurial setting, to financial trading and online startups, and is the creator of ggraptR, an interactive visualisation package in R.

He is a Director at Presciient, providing analytics capability, development services including team selection, training, and executive coaching for team owners and sponsors. They also provide strategic advisory, communications and specialised advanced data analysis

Stephen Brobst
Stephen BrobstBased in the United States
Stephen Brobst is the Chief Technology Officer for Teradata Corporation. Stephen performed his graduate work in Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where his Masters and PhD research focused on high-performance parallel processing. He also completed an MBA with joint course and thesis work at the Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. Stephen is a TDWI Fellow and has been on the faculty of The Data Warehousing Institute since 1996. During Barack Obama’s first term he was also appointed to the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) in the working group on Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD). In 2014 he was ranked by ExecRank as the #4 CTO in the United States (behind the CTOs from, Tesla Motors, and Intel) out of a pool of 10,000+ CTOs.
Tony Ohlsson
Tony OhlssonBased in Singapore
Tony believes that analytic innovation and creativity come from experts directly collaborating with clients on their projects. He joins AlphaZetta with a mission, to create a better way for independent experts to work directly with clients, lowering the costs and opening access to high quality analytics talent to a wider audience.

He brings 20 years of deep practical experience globally. He has held senior positions with clients and large consulting firms. He has won several awards for innovation in analytics including as a Finalist for Australia’s Young Business Person of the Year Awards.

Alexander Heidl
Alexander HeidlBased in Switzerland
Alexander has been in the analytics space for more than 15 years, helping customers to execute leadership in context of identifying and leveraging business value in their data. He believes in a fail fast culture, breaking with established processes and that exploring new paths is important to accelerate data driven business models.

He adds a creative mind to AlphaZetta with a wealth of experience from working with multinational enterprises as well as intercultural teams. He has a wealth of international experience and is recognized for sharing expertise among like-minded people in the global community.

Daniel Collico
Daniel CollicoBased in Argentina
Daniel has consulted, driven business development and delivered for 50+ Telcos, Cable operators, video OTT players and Oil & Gas companies in Latin America. Prior to joining AlphaZetta, Daniel held senior roles at NCR, Telefonica, cVidya /Amdocs, Grey Juice Lab UK and Teradata.

Daniel currently manages AlphaZetta LATAM chapter. He has lectured for 20+ companies over the last 12 years. Current teaching experience includes customers like Accenture / Movistar / Universidad Di Tella / Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Theo Voronov
Theo VoronovBased in Australia
With a background in economics and finance, Theo has applied statistical and machine learning techniques to solve business problems across different domains: banking, fraud detection, digital advertising, product analytics, customer acquisition, financial trading and portfolio optimisation.

Theo is an expert in all phases of the data science process, from business understanding, data acquisition, modelling through to deployment. He has worked for Atlassian using open source technology including R and Python, cloud platforms and services, through to enterprise-level analytics such as SAS at Westpac Bank.

Mark Burnard
Mark BurnardBased in Australia
Mark Burnard is a keynote speaker, trainer and consultant, specialising in information management, data strategy and data governance. Mark has over 25 years experience in various data related roles, and has delivered courses and keynotes on data governance, data management, big data, analytics, and the future of information. Mark is also the author of AlphaZetta Academy’s Data Governance course.

Mark has worked in countries across the Asia-Pacific region in verticals including banking and finance, education, airlines, utilities, telco, insurance, retail and government.

Afke Schouten
Afke SchoutenBased in Switzerland
Afke has spent her career in a multitude of roles, having experienced the business consulting side with a big 4 consulting firm as well as working as a data science practitioner. She therefore combines the best of both worlds, rounding it up with her agile mindset.

She brings a wealth of experience in understanding business problems, translating these into data science challenges and guiding this process with her excellent workshop skills.

Afke studied mathematics and econometrics and has spent multiple years in international consulting, data science and the insurance industry. Her passion lies with machine learning and social network analysis. She has built and led data science teams and also teaches at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Jeffrey Aven
Jeffrey AvenBased in Australia
Jeffrey Aven is a big data, open source software, and cloud computing consultant, author and has extensive experience as a technical instructor. He has taught courses on Hadoop and HBase for Cloudera (awarded Cloudera Hadoop Instructor of the Year for APAC in 2013) and courses on Apache Kafka for Confluent in addition to delivering his own courses.

Jeffrey is also the author of several Big Data related books including SAMS Teach Yourself Hadoop in 24 Hours, SAMS Teach Yourself Apache Spark in 24 Hours and Data Analytics with Spark using Python.

In addition to his credentials as an instructor and author, Jeff has over thirty years of industry experience and has been involved in key roles with several major big data and cloud implementations over the last several years.