A value-driven approach to analytics managed services that works towards a continuous improvement of services.

Users who perform business-critical tasks to generate revenue deserve the best possible managed services for the underlying applications they use. Their work outcomes depend on them being able to work without interruption and their working environment must meet agreed requirements for performance and availability.

AlphaZetta believes that an outstanding managed service needs to be value-driven and emphasises processes that allow a continuous improvement approach. A service operator is not just a problem-solver, they are also contributors to eliminating the root causes, allowing a QoS improvement with every incident.

Kick-off through a Service Discovery Package

AlphaZetta Managed Services starts with a service discovery offering. A solution architect guides the client through a process to coordinate interviews performed by our team in one of our remote delivery center. This process will document all functions and services of the application in the required granularity.

The deliverables of the Service Discovery Package include:

  • A service catalog that includes all services and applications and their essential workflows
  • A knowledge base of all statuses, metrics, and alerts and instructions for problem-solving
  • Our Operating Model for Managed Services that documents KPIs, reporting, escalation workflows, and all other mechanisms to ensure a flawless service
  • An outline for an onboarding process and strategy to build up a managed service team

Steps after the kick-off

After the kick-off, the client can then choose to book Managed Services through AlphaZetta with the following benefits:

  • System management, development, and monitoring of services (24/7 model is possible on demand)
  • Maintenance, support and management of incidents
  • Continuous reporting and improvement of services
  • Integration of required partners and vendors for third level support.

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