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As you embark on new projects, you know how important it is to think about the end user, the problem you’re solving, and the technology that’s going to make it all happen. But do you also think about security and privacy? If these aren’t a part of your project from the get-go, they should be. Whether you’re a product manager, project manager, or a software developer, our cyber security consulting services can help you ensure your software development projects and analytics solutions are secure by design and achieve privacy by design.

What is meant by Secure by Design?

An approach that integrates security measures into the development lifecycle of IT systems, rather than adding them on later, to provide efficient, effective, and holistic protection against threats. (See Principles of Secure by Design.)

What does Privacy by Design mean?

Privacy by design is a framework that embeds privacy considerations into the development and operation of products, systems, and processes from the outset, ensuring the safeguarding of user data and compliance with privacy laws.

Goals reached with Secure by Design and Privacy by Design

When you’re designing a system or developing solutions, you want to do things right from the start. Addressing the key security and privacy design principles is an essential step to implementing privacy and data protection. We do this with you to achieve:

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Building security measures into your project from day one means you don’t have to go back and retrofit end to end security features later.

  • We use a streamlined approach that minimises risks and maximises peace of mind; you can relax knowing data is automatically protected
  • Save money by building strong security measures from the start
  • Our experts provide guidance on data minimisation.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

With privacy laws like GDPR setting the standard for data protection, understanding your regulatory landscape is essential. This includes data collection limitations, legitimate interests processing and advice on ethical data collection practices. Our consulting service helps you navigate these complexities with ease.

Customer Trust

In today’s business landscape, data breaches can quickly erode trust. Secure by design and privacy by design are more than just buzzwords; they’re the foundation of a trusted customer relationship. Minimise your exposure risk as well as your customer’s by designing secure solutions that have privacy embedded throughout the project’s entire lifecycle.

How we make it happen

Understanding security requirements from the outset

Before even starting the design phase, we assess the specific security controls your analytics or IT solution needs. From multi-factor authentication to data encryption, we align your project with best practices and privacy enhancing technologies right from the start, embedding a security and privacy framework into your design process.

Tailoring solutions to data sensitivities

Every data analytics project is unique. We work with you to understand the specific types of data you’ll be using, how you collect data, process data and we tailor security measures to suit, ensuring lifecycle protection.

Comprehensive authentication protocols

Multi-factor authentication is a must in today’s digital age. By combining two or more factors like something you know, something you are, and something you have, we ensure your data is accessible only by the right people and security risks are minimised.

Regulatory alignment & compliance

We help you fulfil legal requirements and achieve security attestations such as SOC 2 Type 2, further solidifying customer trust in your cloud apps and services.

About SOC 2 Type 2

This is a globally recognised standard that not only assures your stakeholders that you adhere to high levels of security and confidentiality, but it also provides third-party validation of your information systems. A SOC 2 Type 2 report goes a step further than a basic compliance checklist; it offers an in-depth analysis of your controls and their effectiveness over a period of time.

The result? Enhanced credibility and trustworthiness, as it signals to your customers that your analytics projects are secure, reliable, and rigorously audited, ultimately encouraging stronger business relationships and client retention.

Privacy impact assessments

We conduct Privacy Impact Assessments to evaluate how personal data is processed and to ensure it aligns with data protection authorities’ requirements. This proactive measure minimises risks and reinforces the transparency of your data operations.

Be a Cyber Security Champion

Elevate your development sprints beyond the ordinary. With our Secure by Design and Privacy by Design consulting services, you not only deliver top-quality solutions but you will also protect your clients’ data as if it’s your own. They’ll appreciate you for it, and so will your bottom line.

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David, Cyber Security Consultant

David Blair-Turner (CISM, CDPSE)

Chief Information Security Officer & Trainer

With wide-ranging cyber security, information risk management (IRM) and IT knowledge, blended with proven consultancy, communication, training, and project management skills, David has a strong reputation for delivery and practicality, established over many years.

His consultancy client base has included some of the world’s most-respected companies such as, Shell Group, Unilever, Lotus Development, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Digital Equipment.

David also designs and conducts cyber security, regulatory compliance and IT management training, based on over 30 years’ experience of helping blue-chip companies across five continents. David designed, built, and delivered Shell’s cyber security training programme to over 1200 IT professionals worldwide, with consistently high approval ratings.

He loves his work, and thoroughly enjoys helping businesses to understand the value of their assets, the risks to them, and helping them put cost-effective, “defence-in-depth” controls in place to protect them.

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