Elevating Executive Presence builds the self-leadership and relational skills required to accelerate positive change.

Today’s leaders are operating in an age of heightened complexity and perpetual change. Their choices and actions underpin organisational resilience. They need the right tools and mindset along with sustained vitality to skillfully drive change. Our Elevating Executive Presence and influence training program will empower and equip participants to step up and stay steady. They will examine the traits and behaviours of exceptional leaders through the lens of executive presence.

The pressures of leadership are intensifying. Whether it’s accelerating digitisation, activating hybrid teams or boosting productivity, every leader is seeking traction within an uncertain future.

Exceptional leadership matters more than ever. Organisational success hinges on their leaders’ readiness to articulate a compelling vision, build a culture of care and harness the full capacity of their teams.

The X Factor

The evidence confirms that leaders with the ‘X’ factor:

  • signal gravitas
  • command the room
  • demonstrate decisiveness
  • model composure and self-assuredness

Learn how to embody these coveted attributes

Engaged, resilient and purposeful

Drive organisational success through your leaders

Engaged, resilient and purposeful, leaders with executive presence have advanced relational skills and influence widely. Coupling clarity of mind with intentional action, they drive real change for sustained organisational success. Look no further for the best executive presence training available.

The Elevating Executive Presence (EEP) program

The program strengthens diverse leaders’ ability to command the room, signal authority with warmth and model self-awareness. They are equipped to embody our three essential leadership elements:


Refining the mind to be attentive, attuned and astute


We equip leaders to optimise their mental capital and build self and situational awareness.

Our neuro-performance tools equip them to stay calm under pressure, focus on what matters, and embody self-certainty.


Managing energy to sustain vitality and model wellness.


Leadership is a marathon and leaders’ energy impacts team performance.

The synergy between health and productivity frames our focus on practical energy management and wellness-boosting micro-changes.


Elevating communications, empathy and impact


Connecting authentically and commanding the room are essential to influencing.

We advance leaders’ ability to engage audiences, articulate their vision and build psychologically safe teams.

The Elevating Executive Presence Agenda

Leadership starts with the right mindset. Great leaders are curious, flexible and are willing to unlearn. They cultivate a ‘we’ mentality which enables them to deeply connect with others and build a high-trust culture. These themes are in focus as we frame the learning agenda.

Participants will also appraise their existing strengths and identify development priorities through the lens of executive presence. The program then focuses on four integrated aspects of leadership performance:


Strengthen self-leadership – confidence, composure & steady attention

Every knowledge worker relies on their mental capital, yet few have been taught how to optimise their mind at work. Drawing on the science of neuroplasticity and mindfulness, we will focus on elevating mind performance. This will include proven strategies to calm the nervous system, which supports leaders to stay centred as the pressure rises. You will develop:

  • A self-aware, adaptable mindset
  • Sustained perceptive attention
  • Effective emotional management
  • A clear view of strenghts and challenges

The Executive Presence Toolkit

This module includes an introduction to our on-demand digital portal, covering the four modules: think, speak, look and act. It also includes guided mind performance practices that build mental wellness and improve performance by promoting calm, focus and confidence.

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Model superior communications that change hearts and minds

Superior communication is a hallmark of great leaders. They know how to speak strategically, harness storytelling and engage the audience. We will elevate your leaders’ ability to articulate their big ideas persuasively, developing:

  • Audience engagement
  • Deep listening
  • Normalising feedback
  • Influencing discussions

Participants will learn our High Impact Presentation methodology, which has elevated the public speaking skills of thousands of leaders. You will also develop a showcase presentation which will be delivered to the group in the final session.


Sustain positive energy and maintain stamina through self-care

Leadership is more like an ultra-marathon than a sprint – sustained stamina is key to success. The link between performance and wellness is well understood: healthy staff members are three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

Building vitality and resilience is central to sustained performance. We explore the science of energy management, along with strategies to build and sustain wellbeing. The Look module improves leaders’:

  • Energy management
  • Grounded optimism
  • Intelligent workflows
  • Skillful use of body, voice and space


Command the room, energise others and influence stakeholders

When you speak, do you command the room? Mastering physical presence is key to influencing. It’s a skill that every leader needs to hone.

Learn how to elevate your impact through the intentional use of your voice, body, and the space or screen. With access to our toolbox of body language techniques, you can practice making your delivery dynamic and memorable. The Act module helps with:

  • Developing rapport and collaboration
  • Assessing psychological safety
  • Evaluating future possibilites
  • Building a culture of care and support

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Sustain your stamina. Energise your audience. Emanate presence.

Screenshot of the Executive Presence Toolkit portal

The Executive Presence Toolkit

Embodying executive presence takes time and tools.

Program participants have access to on-demand tools and resources to help integrate their learning experience.

Our concise nudge communications keep this leadership advancement front of mind.

Ready to elevate your executives’ presence?

Maybe you need more information.

Program Director

Sharon Longridge

Leadership communications specialist and award-winning broadcaster, formerly of the ABC.


An award-winning broadcaster, formerly with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sharon has coached thousands of executives to communicate powerfully, boost their stamina and embed positive behaviours. Sharon is the director of Leadium, a consultancy specialising in positive leadership. A captivating MC, facilitator and speaker, Sharon knows how to engage an audience.

Her consultancy and coaching services span strengthening leadership communications and executive presence to designing workplace health and productivity programs. An affiliate at the Monash Business School at Monash University, Sharon directs the ‘Executive Presence’ and ‘The Executive Voice’ programs. She is also on the global faculty of the respected edTech Emeritus.

Sharon holds a BA in Communications, a Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment, VTAB and an AdvDip of Yoga Teaching. She has undertaken post-graduate studies in Corporate and Workplace Wellness and training in positive neuroplasticity and mindfulness. She integrates neuroscience and mindfulness across her work.

Executive Presence is brought to life by Sharon’s vitality and passion and is a hugely valuable experience. I highly recommend Sharon’s course for any busy leader seeking to connect with their inner voice and presence.

Alex Pereira, Assistant Commissioner, ATO

Sharon delivered some of the most impressive executive training I’ve ever participated in. Beautifully paced for busy brains, with a dash of mindfulness to ensure we all made the most of the experience. Appreciated the experience immensely and will be thinking about her shared learnings, and my own executive presence well into the future!

Dr Hannah Brown, PhD. MBA. Executive Director (Acting), South Australian Research and Development Institute

This program has given me many techniques and a solid understanding of frameworks that I can use as a leader to develop my leadership capabilities. I’d highly recommend this course to any manager out there looking to hone their leadership skills. Sharon is a fantastic facilitator and she has great energy that enhances the learning experience.

David Wells, NBN Co.

The Learning Design

The Elevating Executive Presence program will apply best-practice learning design to maximise sustained behaviour change. This blended program features distilled, evidence based insights with a firm focus on learning transfer.

Live Learning

2 x F2F days (OR 6 x 2.15 hour Zoom sessions)

In these dynamic sessions evidence and tools are presented, coupled with integration activities, peer discussions and reflective practice. Concise templates will summarise learning and support integration.

In the live F2F version, participants also attend a 90 min finale showcase via Zoom where they deliver a short presentation to the group and receive structured feedback. This short session ensures that new skills are immediately applied.

Peer Collaboration & Networking

3 x 45-min sessions

Program participants will be curated by the business into groups of four. These Peer Pods will meet three times to engage in collaborative learning and work on their showcase presentation. While these sessions will be highly structured, groups will be self-managing during the sessions. The Peer Pod structure supports ongoing learning transfer which can continue after the program concludes. This provides leaders with a valuable networking and social learning opportunity.

Executive Presence Toolkit

12 months access

Our mobile-optimised digital learning platform, the Executive Presence Toolkit, ensures participants can conveniently access supportive material. This content rich compendium ensures that your leaders have any-time access to tools, templates and curated resources spanning the key themes: Think, Speak, Look and Act. This toolkit features a selection of guided mind performance practices.

Designed for time-poor professionals, these micro-tools boost wellness, performance and confidence.

Implementation Coaching Sessions

3 x 45-min sessions

Each participant can have three personalised coaching sessions with a seasoned Executive Coach. These highly supportive conversations are focused on goal setting and behaviour change.

Program Evaluation

Online Survey

Participants will be encouraged to complete an online feedback survey to evaluate the Elevating Executive Presence program. A summary of these insights will be shared with the client.

Elevate your leaders’ presence

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