Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database. It helps businesses create new products and services and re-imagine existing ones by bringing data relationships to the fore.

Neo4j is an internet-scale, native graph database that leverages connected data to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving challenges, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data. As the #1 platform for connected data, Neo4j has over three million downloads, the world’s largest graph developer community, and over thousands of graph-powered applications in production.

The world’s most sophisticated organisations worldwide, from enterprises like Walmart, eBay, UBS, Cisco, HP, adidas and Lufthansa to hot startups like Medium, Musimap and Glowbl, use Neo4j to harness the connections in their data.

Features of Neo4j Graph Database

  • A graph-based data model, Neo4j stores and processes both data and data relationships.
  • Processing is graph-based, allowing optimisation of real-time processing of data relationships, at scale.
  • Neo4j is fully ACID and is suitable for master data, transactions, and everywhere you need data trustability.
  • Uses a powerful and expressive query language called Cypher which often requires 10x to 100x less code than SQL.
  • Is scalable and highly available with blazing-fast queries, consistent query response times, and rocksolid data integrity.
  • Contains built-in ETL, providing seamless data import from relational and other databases: whether it’s millions of rows, or billions of rows.
  • Integration support is provided for popular languages and frameworks.
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