Dr Craig Savage

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Dr Craig Savage

Craig Savage is an independent consultant, course author and trainer with AlphaZetta. With a diverse background in his personal life, education, and professional career, he holds degrees in mathematics, engineering and business. He has taught mathematics at various levels, from pre-algebra to optimisation at a postgraduate level. Professionally, he has over 20 years of experience spanning multiple industries including defence, biomedical engineering and banking. Two notable projects included national missile defence and the Australian bionic eye (BVA) or “rocket science” and “bringing sight to the blind”. Craig “Doc” is an AlphaZetta member and consultant.

Based in Australia

Report Automation – Excel to PowerPoint with R

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Report automation can deliver powerful, time-saving results. This course teaches analytics professionals to automate the creation of PowerPoint packs from input Excel workbooks using R. Time is allotted for students to implement techniques taught so that, by the end of the course, students will have wrangled input data, created plots and tables, defined a PowerPoint template, and built a sample set of slides.

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