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Tristan Blakers

Tristan Blakers is a fintech professional with 15 years experience designing systems for global financial institutions. He currently consults for several blockchain startups, specialising in the tokenisation, custody, and exchange of real-world assets. Tristan gave expert advice to academic researchers at the CMCRC’s Digital Currency Research Centre, and built their crypto-data acquisition platform. Tristan also ran a cryptocurrency brokerage and custody service targeting high net-worth individuals and investment funds seeking exposure to this emerging asset class.

Understand Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain is one of the most disruptive and least understood technologies to emerge over the previous decade. This course gives participants an intuitive understanding of blockchain in both public and private contexts, allowing them to distinguish genuine use cases from hype. We explore public crypto-currencies, smart contracts and consortium chains, interspersing theory with case studies from areas such as financial markets, health care, trade finance, and supply chain. The course does not require a technical background.

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