Rankster uses cutting edge AI technology to measure and optimise what’s important in driving organic search rankings. Rankster will let you know precisely what it will take to climb the rankings and how to do it.

We think Rankster is the worlds best artificial intelligence algorithm for SEO optimisation. The service analyses your website and those of your competitors and produces an easy path of action when you want your website to be ranked number one on organic search. You will receive a clear estimate of what you need to do first and what affect it will have on ranking. Most importantly, Rankster allows customers to be clear that the cost and effort they put into SEO is providing a measurable return.


Spending on SEO has historically been a black box. Returns are hard to predict and it’s not always clear what is being done by SEO companies. Typically, clients seek answers to the following questions when they have an online presence and want to improve its effectiveness:
1. What is the current state of organic search ranking and performance?
2. What is important and needs action?
3. What are the technical (e.g., backlinks, site speed and technology) and content gaps and opportunities to address?
4. How best to continuously monitor the state of competition (competition scanning), opportunities and re-prioritisation of actions to improve search engine rankings?
5. What ROI on investment into SEO are they likely to get?
6. What to prioritize to get the fastest results.


Rankster delivers:

  • Higher organic (unpaid) search position and visibility
  • Increased click through rate on organic search ratings
  • Potentially spend less on paid traffic or a solution that better complements paid search
  • Higher conversion rate (revenue or leads generated) due to higher position
  • Reduce wasted resources and spend on generic SEO advice.

Rankster provides a clear path forward to not only estimate your increase in traffic and revenue but also allows you to perform a cost benefit analysis on the spend, similar to what organisations do with search engine marketing.

The difference with Rankster is an upfront spend on SEO can reap benefits for years.

The Rankster score

The higher the Rankster score the better search engine positioning. Rankster tells you how many points you need to improve by to pass competitors.

Rankster score charts


Competitor insight

  • The system tracks what your top 100 competitors are doing for each keyword
  • Track keyword gaps
  • Product hotspots
  • Identify critical backlinks to chase


Rankster can provide a report-only service or end-to-end solution. Rankster not only provides with you with an actionable report you can use for driving organic search rankings, we can also provide web development services to implement the recommended changes on your site.

  • Prioritisation
  • Text and title tool
  • Web development
  • Backlink management
  • Content management

Site performance improvement

Rankster removes the guesswork from knowing what drives ranking in your sector and allows you to climb the ranks with certainty.

Continuous improvement

Optionally, Rankster can provide:

  • Re-prioritisation
  • Regular measurement
  • Competitor scanning

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