This dynamic, interactive series of learning activities and virtual workshops can be delivered to teams at your workplace.

Series rationale

We know that data is critical for decision-making. And you have knowledge for your clients that will help to create value. But do you sometimes feel you’re being ordered around by your clients and not able to exercise your knowledge and expertise? That they aren’t really listening to what you have to say? You want to be an advisor and add value to the process, but your clients aren’t always allowing you to do that.

AlphaZetta is offering a series of interactive workshops that will change you from being a service provider to being a partner. To empower you to have a seat at the table and make a real contribution to creating value for you, your client and the organisation.

Sessions will be delivered via Zoom or in person in line with relevant local restrictions.

Course Leader

Dr Anne Lytle
Dr Anne Lytle
BSc, Neurobiology & behaviour, Cornell University
MSc & PhD Negotiation & Conflict Management Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

Boosting your influence: Insights from neuroscience

Keynote Session Details

Live, interactive group masterclass

Date: Contact us to schedule
Time: typically 8:30am-12:00pm
Virtual meeting link: meeting invitations will be emailed directly to participants.

Using insights from neuroscience, this practical and interactive workshop explores the mechanisms underlying why influence attempts often go wrong, and what to do about it. We explore key threats inherent in communication and how they can unintentionally trigger resistance in others, resulting in disengagement and push-back. Participants will learn a framework and practical tools to help them influence more effectively by neutralising potential social threats and maximising the receptivity of others to their message.

Participants will be introduced to the SCARF model (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness) created by David Rock (author of “Your brain at work”) and how our actions create social threats and social rewards.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into why influence attempts often go wrong
  • Discover how to frame influence communications that minimise resistance and maximise engagement
  • Learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately upon return to work to influence others more effectively.

Content Outline

  • The underlying mechanics of influence
    • Understanding the neuroscience of influence
    • Examining triggers of push-back: Social threats
    • Identifying defensive reactions: What can go wrong
  • Using SCARF to create social rewards
    • Introducing the SCARF model
    • Framing communications that minimise resistance
    • Boosting your influence: Strategic recommendations
  • Summary & action planning
    • Reviewing key learning: Where have we been?
  • Paving a pathway forward: Action planning.

Negotiating deals: Claiming & creating value for data professionals

Workshop 1 Details

Session duration: 3 hours, either 9am-12pm, or 1-4pm
Cohort size: ~40 people


In these days of scarce resources, heightened uncertainty, and flattened organisational structures, negotiation is a set of skills critical for
data professionals’ success. Whether negotiating scope of work, resources for your project, or uncovering and resolving issues with your
internal stakeholders or business partners, knowing when and how to negotiate can make all the difference in achieving success.
While individuals across many roles will have the opportunity to negotiate and influence regularly, they often lack an integrated
analytical framework to negotiate more strategically and achieve more consistent outcomes. The purpose of this offering is to provide
that framework, as well as a wealth of tactics and practical evidence-based recommendations founded on cutting-edge empirical

Learning Objectives

  • To learn the theory and practice of preparing and implementing negotiations through Claiming and Creating value techniques
  • Understand negotiation as an opportunity to create value for participants, their internal or external clients, their organisations and their stakeholders
  • Gain practical strategies that can be implemented immediately upon return to work to significantly improve negotiated outcomes.

Learning Methods

  • Participants will be introduced to claiming and creating value techniques through their experience in a series of negotiation simulations.
  • Debriefs and discussions will take place after each simulation or case presenting evidence-based tools and strategies, supplemented by live examples
  • Participant cases will be examined in “live consulting” sessions – what’s worked and what hasn’t, and recommendations for improving outcomes
  • Each individual will create an action plan to apply new skills back in the workplace
  • Post-workshop activities and peer coaching trios will apply new skills and embed learning.

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