Project Description


Gopass Global is an analytical solution to provide end to end pre-travel risk assessment.

It combines pre-travel risk assessment aspects for:

  • Country of origin and destination
  • Flight route (Where did this flight come from?)
  • Transfer point risk
  • Airline
  • Aircraft
  • Cabin class
  • Facility management – corporate office status and entry requirements
  • Mandated entry restrictions and requirements
  • Personal health risk tool to measure additional personal risk

Gopass Singleview gives a snapshot for pre-travel assessment and approval.

Data affecting risk in corporate travel is changing every day over many parameters. That makes it especially challenging for an employee planning a trip as well as corporate travel agents and security trying to assess trip risk. In Gopass Global, real-time flight options are given risk scores to make that analysis instant and understandable.

Additionally, Gopass enables corporate thresholds to be set against trip risk to assist in managing unacceptable exposure in all aspects of travel, and fulfil corporate duty of care.

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pre-travel risk assessment - post Covid
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