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Unlock the full potential of your data through strategic data integration and real-time data processing

In today’s digital age, managing and integrating your data seamlessly is vital for driving growth and achieving strategic goals. AlphaZetta’s expert team of consultant data engineers have mastered the art of aquiring data and integrating it into analytics platforms, enabling businesses to pave the way towards data-driven success.

What we offer

Our data integration consultants are highly skilled in delivering the following services:

Why choose AlphaZetta for data integration?

Are you caught in the never-ending loop of data preparation and aggregation, leaving only a fraction of time for the real analytical work? Our approach ensures that your focus stays where it matters – on deriving insights. While many projects spend 80% of the time on preparing and combining data, we transform that equation, enabling you to focus on the 20% that truly matters.

How we work

Data acquisition and integration is not a one-size-fits-all process. From ETL/ELT to real-time data pipelining, we offer bespoke solutions to match your unique requirements.

Stage 1: Reference pipelining

In the first step, an AlphaZetta solution architect is integrated into your data engineering team along with data engineers if required. The team decides on a reference data stream and perform the following steps:

  • Revise internal services user roles to facilitate access to incoming data and to store data in the corresponding target systems
  • Design of a workflow that then loads the data from the source to the target system, adding required data transformations
  • Decide on technologies for message queues, streaming, or workflow orchestration, if needed
  • Integrate data encryption in transit and at rest where it is necessary
  • Define an access policy based on the least privilege model
  • Aggregate, transform, and prepare data for analytics
  • Create a data catalog to gain more insights into your data
  • Reference analysis and report on the integrated data.

Stage 2: Data integration process refinement

  • Integrate data for subsequent streams based on insights from Stage 1.
  • Adapt processes to accommodate the varying parameters of data such as structure, volume, and delivery (streaming or batch).

Data governance you can trust

Our data governance process isn’t just about compliance; it’s about ensuring that every aspect of data processing aligns with corporate policies and enterprise standards, giving you peace of mind and operational excellence.

Associated programs: Data and Analytics Cloud Migration; Analytics Experience (AX), Cyber Security Services

Commonly associated services: Cloud Native Design for Analytics, Agile Deployment; BI, Data Visualisation and Dashboard Development, Secure by Design & Privacy by Design.

Start transforming today!

Embark on a transformative journey with AlphaZetta’s data acquisition and data integration consulting services. Embrace real-time data, enhance data pipelining, and integrate your data with precision and agility.