Operationalise your data science efforts into your business processes with our fully documented approach to agile deployment.

Agile Deployment supports organisations in realising value from data analytics: operationalising data science outcomes for consumption by the business. A majority of companies struggle to AI enable their business because operationalising data science outcomes is hard. Factors driving this problem include:

  • There is often an underlying lack of expertise in data and machine learning model engineering
  • Common challenges are found in the collaboration between business and IT
  • Many experts from diverse areas often work concurrently on these projects.

The consequence of these challenges is an expensive and inert environment with high integration costs and a high maintenance tool landscape.

Jumping the data science deployment hurdle

So how do you overcome these challenges to deploy data science models into production?

Agile Deployment uses a blueprint and a fully documented approach to operationalise data science efforts into business processes. It can be tailored to any scale and provides a repeatable, trackable method for consistency.

Deployment: Productise → Monitor → Improve → Deliver

Agile Deployment extends our AI, ML & Agile Insights service for customers to:

  • Deliver insights faster
  • Iterate analytics more often
  • Leverage the full analytics potential

AlphaZetta’s Agile Deployment service is an integral part of AlphaZetta’s DataOps / MLOps best practice; the foundation to go beyond descriptive analytics and the key enabler for advanced analytics.

The service also caters for training needs by providing staff with a unified nomenclature and thinking, which nurtures a data-driven corporate culture and collaboration.

Associated programs: Analytics Experience (AX) 

Commonly associated services: Analytics Strategy, Analytics Roadmap, AI, ML & Agile Insights

Associated solutions: OmegaML 

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