AI, ML & Agile Insights is a systemised approach to uncovering and proving out strategic or competitive advantages that leverages your existing data assets.

By implementing new insights for your business and combining it with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and machine learning operations you will gain continuous improvement to ensure you move ahead of your competitors.

Analytics offers lots and there are many ideas and demands on data.

Analytics is a different style of project. Not everything will deliver value. Many analytics projects are still criticised for lack of value and return on investment. Projects that will not yield return should be stopped and those that do, should have a clear path to deployment and consumption.

How do you define projects clearly so you can rapidly test and assess viability? At the same time do you have a clear path to deployment for projects that will yield a return, and a ‘fail fast’ method for those that won’t?

Agile Insights for rapid ROI

Agile Insights delivers results in a short (typically 6-8 week) business engagement providing rapid return on investment. AlphaZetta’s unique, agile, and advanced analytics project methodology ensures superior results for driving your business ahead. We help you identify the business use cases and the data needed. The good news is you don’t have to buy any technology or hire any additional staff: we can deliver the whole service for you, you just need to bring your data.

AlphaZetta’s methods combine business knowledge and creativity with the latest data science and devops tools and AI and machine learning technology to rapidly generate business insights that will lead to breakthroughs in the way you will:

  • Manage your business
  • Delight your customers to drive profitable revenue
  • Decrease costs through newfound efficiencies

What is needed to begin?

  • Agile Insights uses your technology or our cloud platform.
  • AlphaZetta can provide all resources including senior data scientists and business consultants.
  • Our detailed methods can be tailored to your organisation’s needs leveraging both structured and structured data.

Our AI, ML & Agile Insights service is an ideal way to fast track business results from your data and analytics estate, leveraging AlphaZetta’s business acumen combining analytic modelling with AI machine learning.

Associated programs: Analytics Experience (AX), Data and Analytics Cloud Migration

Commonly associated services: Analytics Roadmap, Data Acquisition and Integration, BI, Data Visualisation and Dashboard Development, Agile Deployment

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