As a multifunctional technology platform, arctic.ten is designed to master architecture complexity and to inspire transformation. It aims to provide real-time insights into total cost of ownership, use and the business impact of technology services.

Technology review for transformation: Do it Once. Get it right. Benefit repeatedly.

arctic.ten is a solution provided by acquaim. We accelerate our clients transformation programs by providing visibility and understanding of their technology landscape in real-time – and save them money over the lifetime of the transformation by reducing the total number of consulting engagements.​
We consult just once, sharing experience from decades of successfully leading consulting technology projects, and implement our arctic.ten solution to deliver architecture, cost and business insights information rapidly and on demand.​

Consultants engage with the client organisation to carry out an initial IT and technology architecture review; just once. An arctic.ten implementation is specified to lock in and install the value from the review consultation – within the client’s technology architecture. Clients can self-manage processes like change, transformation, and disruption without the time and cost associated with further expensive and time consuming consulting engagements.


The new digital and data-driven business model is built on evolving technology. To remain relevant and competitive organisations must undergo change. This means repeatedly evaluating the technology in terms of applicability to strategy, effectiveness, and value. Repeat engagements with consultants is expensive – and to track small changes in the review of IT, offers poor value.

Today’s frequency of business and technology changes paired with tight investment funds drives the need for a proactive, responsive and insightful exploration and transformation capability being an integral part of an enterprise’s core business.


arctic.ten focuses on the alignment and integration of business and technology capabilities. It accelerates analysing baseline changes resulting in significant cost savings, reduced risk and superior time to market of (digital) solutions.


  • Implementing arctic.ten saves our customers large amounts of time and money, improves accuracy and conveys understanding in real-time.
  • Designed and built from decades of technology consulting experience, it delivers valuable insights for planning the future and understanding how your technology is performing in the present. ​
  • Embedded, experienced consultant level management information, on demand – for less than the cost of a junior IT resource.



Improve your ability to respond ad hoc to internal and external discontinuities.

arctic.ten improves the pre-merger and post merger integration process by modelling the baselines of both companies. This helps to identify consolidation/ rationalization opportunities, to define/simulate/analyse integration scenarios and to identify additional business integration opportunities.

Results: reduced merger risks and integration cost, improved due diligence quality.

arctic.ten accelerates the carve-out process with the ability to simulate and evaluate in real time carve-out scenarios and being able to provide ad-hoc high quality information for the due diligence process.

Results: reduced carve out risks and cost, high quality information for the data clean room

arctic.ten accelerates the response time to baseline related compliance questions (such as use of restricted information by business applications, or services outsourced) and highlights deviations from predefined compliance rules related to the baseline information.

Results: reduced response time and effort for baseline related compliance subjects

arctic.ten supports intelligent cost cutting initiatives through real time and business context relevant cost information and the ability to simulate ad-hoc the value impact of specific cost cutting levers.

Results: improved time to market of cost cutting initiatives, reduced risks of sub-optimisation.

arctic.ten advances the infrastructure architecture performance through identification, simulation and evaluation of infrastructure consolidation opportunities.

Results: reduced cost, improved service quality.

arctic.ten advances application architecture performance through identification and analyzing application rationalization opportunities with focus on application architecture efficiency and effectiveness.

Results: reduced cost, increased application architecture effectiveness (business value).


Improve your ability to plan and act proactively.

arctic.ten streamlines the understanding of the impact of new services on business KPIs, simplifies the post implementation monitoring of business cases and supports a business value based analysis/prioritization of baseline components and projects.

Results: enforced business case realisation, higher RoI of discretionary funding.

arctic.ten supports the strategic demand planning process (gap identification, evaluation, prioritisation) through ad hoc analysis of current solution adequacy (functional/technical/value/cost) in context of the strategic importance of supported business capabilities.

Results: improved service effectiveness and efficiency, improved service customer satisfaction.

arctic.ten helps identifying over-licensing or under-licensing through analyzing product and services belonging to the license category and the associated use relationships.

Results: reduced cost caused by over-licensing, eliminated audit cost caused by under-licensing.

arctic.ten enhances the quality and speed of the outsourcing due diligence process. This occurs for both the service provider and service recipient through ad hoc baseline information containing all products and services and all relevant relationship information.

Results: reduced outsourcing risks and cost, reduced likelihood of change request cost for services initially not covered.

arctic.ten augments the sourcing process by highlighting sourcing strategy deviations and potential consolidation (pooling) opportunities. Furthermore, it provides a supplier analysis (service and cost) function.

Results: reduced 3rd party cost, reduced sourcing strategy deviations (sourcing risks).


Technical Details

Available as SaaS solution (Cloud Foundry based) and on premise.
For on premise installation the most important system requirements are:

  • NodeJS compatible frontend server
  • PHP 7.2 compatible backend server
  • Redis cache and redis PHP extension on backend server
  • A Doctrine supported database server (tested with MySQL, MariaDB and Postgres)

Supports multi-tenancy, multi-currency and multi-language setups.


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