Optimise and extend the value of your Teradata platform

AlphaZetta is uniquely positioned to help Teradata customers to optimise the value they derive from their analytics ecosystem because we have many of the best Teradata experienced architects, business consultants, developers and data scientists from around the globe. From cloud migration and system optimization, to harnessing the new opportunities that come with the latest Teradata Vantage, VantageCloud, VantageCloud Lake platforms, AlphaZetta can advise and support you in getting the best outcome and value for your investment. We’re also across the new ClearScape Analytics capabilities available in the two Cloud products.


Analytics Roadmap for Teradata

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Align to your key business initiatives. AlphaZetta’s Analytics Roadmap service helps you develop a series of business use cases that take advantage of the data you have in your Teradata system. You will gain understanding of the new data sources and new analytics techniques you can utilize and plan your series of projects for the future.

The Teradata Vantage platform enables the development of new use cases. It provides new data type storage and the integration of new analytic processing engines. AlphaZetta can advise you on these and create a plan to take best advantage of these new features, aligning to your strategic business priorities.
This can feed into the requirements to develop the necessary architecture design and Agile Insight sprints to deploy them.

Teradata Value Assessment

system valuation

Get a qualified and independent review of the benefits and return on the investment in your Teradata system and analytics ecosystem. AlphaZetta’s experienced consultants will analyse and report if and how you are deriving ROI from your Teradata systems by looking at both the business application and the system feature utilisation.

  • Understand what business value is derived and what latent demand and value exists within the business audience
  • Quantify the return attained from integrated data, trusted quality of data and reliable decision making
  • Assess if you are achieving full value from scalability, optimising costs and utilisation.

Cloud Architecture for Teradata

cloud-native design for analytics

Teradata customers have the opportunity to deploy in the cloud, on premise, or with a hybrid approach. Within the platform, Teradata’s sophisticated workload management can enable the full breadth of user profiles at scale.

Utilise AlphaZetta’s extensive Teradata architecture experience and pedigree to get the best independent advice on how to manage your ecosystem to best optimize costs.

  • Migrate an existing system to a cloud deployment
  • Design and deploy an elastic analytics discovery cloud environment

Teradata Data Acquisition and Modelling

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New real-time data streams lead to new data feeds into Teradata systems. Maximize Teradata’s unique performance capabilities for mixed types of parallel data loads by utilising AlphaZetta’s vast Teradata experience gathered by our experts in the largest Teradata accounts globally.

In addition to data extraction and loading, AlphaZetta’s consultants can support you with broad project experience in data modelling, ranging from department or subject specific schemes to enterprise wide business data modelling. These can be managed by your business units independently from IT. They are fully integrated in a comprehensive and auditable data lineage process from source via Teradata RDBMS and semantic view layers, to final data consumers.

Agile Insights for Teradata

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As a discrete exercise or a program of work following an Analytics Roadmap engagement, AlphaZetta’s rapid approach to designing and testing analytics use cases is perfect for Teradata data customers seeking to extend the value of their existing asset or test the opportunity presented by the latest innovations from Teradata.

Agile Insights for Teradata utilises AlphaZetta’s Teradata expertise and proven methodology for defining the right business questions to ask in your use cases and the proven data elements and analytic techniques to deliver the outcome.

Agile Deployment for Teradata

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Deploy your models. Agile Deployment for Teradata utilizes our leading global experience to ensure best time to delivery and value. This is useful as a follow on from an Agile Insights pilot or the delivery of a new, or update to an existing reporting or dashboard application.

Build, test and deploy the application or model into production.

Teradata System Optimisation

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Although Teradata systems feature a high degree of self-management capabilities, the experience of AlphaZetta experts in the following areas will add significant value in all lifecycles of Teradata systems:

  • System monitoring. Setting up efficient monitoring frameworks including relevant KPIs against SLAs.
  • Workload optimisation. We analyse and optimize your workload and its settings.
  • Performance tuning and reviews. We can benchmark your system against peer systems.
  • New features exploitation. Take full advantage of new Teradata features like Elastic Performance-on-Demand (EPOD).

Teradata Project Staff Augmentation and Recruitment

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Simply looking for the best Teradata ecosystem expertise in any role across the spectrum of analytics? AlphaZetta has a global team of highly experienced experts with direct hands on and experience within the Teradata company and client base.

You can tap into this expertise on demand and as needed by registering and engaging AlphaZetta through the ‘I have a Project’ page.

Commonly associated services & programs: All AlphaZetta services can be delivered via right-shoring.