Evolve your business with next-level decision making

You could already have big datasets available and might be using data science and analytics to identify business insights. You can sense though, that with the explosive growth of artificial intelligence (AI), much more can be done to support and make decisions from your insights that are scalable and impactful. Enter decision intelligence transformation.

Accelerate your business performance

Transcending the realms of digital transformation, we fuse the potential of big data, advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning with the emerging field of decision intelligence to create customised applications and platforms.

Is decision intelligence different to AI transformation?

Often confused with AI transformation, decision intelligence transformation uses more than just AI to evolve your business model. DI transformation also takes a leap ahead of digital transformation, by combining:

  • advanced technologies and strategies to extract invaluable and actionable insights from data
  • automated processes for taking action, scaling outcomes and amplifying growth and efficiency.

We transition your data from being merely informative to insightful and predictive, crafting systems and models that adapt and improve over time. Leveraging big data sources, we unlock potential, and then apply advanced analytics, AI, machine learning (ML), and the principles of decision intelligence to build your custom, intelligent end-to-end applications and platforms.

Components of Decision Intelligence Transformation

Transformative digital investments don’t have to be company wide, multi-year programs. With an early focus on outcomes, we reverse engineer and analyse your frequent business decisions to identify the most valuable and the data needed to make them. We can deliver scalable and rapid results with small steps. To do this we use the following methods:

Identify business outcomes

The essential first step in mapping out your decision intelligence strategy involves identifying the types of business outcomes you want and the decisions needed to make them. Depending on the context and the level of human decision making needed, outcomes can be:

  • supported (with data and data visualisation), assisting decision makers.
  • augmented (with predictive analytics, AI and ML), suggesting informed decisions for humans to approve.
  • automated (with AI, ML and process automation), generating value at scale.

AI & ML augmentation and process automation

We enhance your existing business processes and accelerate business decision making by integrating AI algorithms, ML, and process automation tools where appropriate. We do this by creating systems that not only learn and improve but make your business smarter and more proactive.

Adaptable AI frameworks

We build adaptable AI frameworks, ensuring your business remains agile, de-risked and prepared for upgrades. This ensures you will be ready for rapid market and technological changes. Our AI frameworks also help businesses mitigate risks by ensuring people can always intervene in automated processes when needed.

Safely test and iterate

We offer a secure technology environment to test, iterate, scale and tune decision models while we build your decision intelligence platform. Risk is minimised while learning and growth opportunities are maximised.

Decision intelligence dashboards

Developing clear and pertinent data visualisations in dashboard format is second-nature to our data scientists and analytics experts. Our UX designers work with our data science teams to build and customise your dashboards to ensure critical metrics and business outcomes are monitored and reported.

Controlled investments, competitive advantages

DI transformation enables companies to achieve transformative results without embarking on a company-wide, multi-year digital transformation program. Large organisations are seeing results quickly as we design and execute rapid, small-step initiatives that provide significant business value and competitive advantage, balancing investment and return.

Secure data and responsible AI

We uphold strict standards in data security, privacy and ethics; it’s part of our DNA. We ensure your journey through DI transformation is not just smart, but also secure and responsible. Our Secure by Design approach is supported by our robust Cyber Security Services.

Embrace intelligent business evolution

Choosing AlphaZetta for your decision intelligence transformation is not just choosing a service; it’s committing to a data-driven future. With our team of experts guiding you, we:

  • Design a Decision Intelligence Roadmap tailored to your needs and aspirations, paving the way for a sustainable, data-centric decision-making future.
  • Create bespoke applications focusing on usability and impact, transforming your unique intelligence vision into reality.
  • Identify and understand high-potential opportunities to ensure profitable returns on your decision intelligence transformation investment, generating maximum value.
  • Provide decision support for important decisions that are low-frequency and require human input.

So whether it’s demand planning, supply chain or inventory management, AI enhanced procurement or other business problem, we can significantly lift your decision making output.

Begin your decision intelligence transformation today!

No matter where you are in your business intelligence or AI journey, AlphaZetta’s Decision Intelligence Transformation program is ready to take you to the next level of business decision making.