Our Analytics Strategy service: from an hour of advice to a full strategic review of your analytics capability

With this service, you obtain actionable analytics strategy recommendations to optimise your analytics program. These are provided by our senior experts only as they share their deep practical experience.

AlphaZetta’s team includes senior analytics strategy experts that have managed and implemented large scale analytics capabilities for leading global companies. They have practical hands on experience and knowledge of lessons learnt over many years. They have seen first hand what makes for successful programs and can compare and contrast your strategy, costs, resourcing, approach and governance.

In a break from the traditional big consulting firm approach, you engage only the senior experts, directly, and they personally work on the details of your program. Say goodbye to the team of juniors the big firms insist upon.

Service Components

We provide a range of analytics strategy services starting from USD$100 onwards as below, or drop us a note with what you are considering and we will develop a custom approach for your needs. Our services can include:

Expert Coaching

Speak to an expert who has been there, done that. Pay as you go phone based advice lets you get straight to the specific advice you need at a fraction of the cost of an onsite engagement.

Remote Reviews

Just need an outside expert opinion? A few hours of advice reviewing your strategy and proposals with written recommendations and suggestions. An easy way to get fast results.

Snapshot Reviews

A one week service that looks at the current state and direction of your analytics program and identifies the high priority areas for improvement. A fast and focused way to get at the high value wins.

Business Use Case & ROI Review

We look at the overall usage of your analytic program and identify where you can drive the highest value use cases and ROI. Offered as a 3 day workshop per business unit.

Governance Review

Bring in the experts to look at the current state of your governance and get practical recommendations for how to improve over a 2 week engagement.

Cost Optimiser

Need to get more for less? We hear you. Let us take a look at your overall program costs and give you ways to drive costs out, so you can focus on creating business value. From vendor costs, to migrations, to open source, cloud strategies, outsourcing, analytics as a service and platform rationalisation. We guarantee that we will find cost improvements or the service is free of charge!

Strategic Review

If its an end to end review of your ecosystem, costs, business usage, governance and strategy you need this isn it.  We will mobilise an onsite team for a deep dive 4 week Strategic Review. You will receive a set of practical recommendations across all the elements for your analytic capability and get best practice comparisons for your current state and roadmap.

Start building your analytics strategy today

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