Report Automation – Excel to PowerPoint with R

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Report automation can deliver powerful, time-saving results. This course teaches analytics professionals to automate the creation of PowerPoint packs from input Excel workbooks using R. Time is allotted for students to implement techniques taught so that, by the end of the course, students will have wrangled input data, created plots and tables, defined a PowerPoint template, and built a sample set of slides.

Data Visualisation and Communication

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This course prepares data analytics professionals to communicate analytics results to business audiences, in a business context while being mindful of the skills, incentives, priorities and psychology of the audience. It also equips analysts [...]

DevOps Management and Governance

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A company with strict governance processes can hugely benefit from DevOps but it still needs governance. DevOps is different, it prioritises automation over documentation. That brings a new perspective to governance. This course has [...]

DevOps Release Management

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Continuous integration is the crown jewel of DevOps release management. When everything else works and continuous integration is enabled, multiple releases are enabled daily. The most important focus in this course are the enablers [...]

DevOps Test Automation

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There are many kinds of tests, depending on application type and customer environment. But generally, tests can be simplified into unit, acceptance and exploration tests. Unit test automation had been discussed in the Devops [...]

DevOps Configuration Management

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Configuration management operates project artefact relations. “Operates” means identification or creation, storage, retrieval, audit, control, identification and change. Configuration management combines configurations with artefacts and source code. This course looks at DevOps configuration management [...]

DevOps Version Control

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Version or source control is very different in DevOps compared with the software development life cycle (SDLC). The larger the project, the more important version control is. It is the key enabler of automation, [...]

DevOps Build Management

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This course sets the foundation with coding stage best practices and areas of focus. The key factor in coding is deployment of lean procedures and waste avoidance. A corollary of lean is component management [...]

Advanced Implementation of Big Data Analytics with Graph Processing

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There are a significant number of big data analytics opportunities where graph processing is an effective model of computation for problem solving. In this workshop we present a programming model for implementation of graph algorithms and explain how the execution model works. We also provide example applications in the area of social network analysis, product cross-selling, and fraud detection.

Best Practices in Data Lake Deployment

2021-07-20T01:09:02+00:00June 24th, 2019|Tags: |

The concept of “Data Lake” is becoming a widely adopted best practice in constructing an analytic ecosystem. When well executed, a data lake strategy will increase analytic agility for an organisation and provide a foundation for provisioning data into both discovery and integrated data platforms. However, there are many pitfalls with this approach that can be avoided with best practices deployment. This workshop will provide guidance on how to deploy toward the “data reservoir” concept rather than ending up with an all too common “data swamp”.

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