This course is designed to increase non-expert level ability to competently turn data into concise data storytelling. It teaches you how to apply the right numbers to transform the story into a business benefit calculation, so that both parts are well understood by technical and business decision makers.

We believe skills in business case building for digital transformation initiatives is so important it needs to go in sync with adoption rates for data literacy and new level data science tools, platforms and methods. All participants in digital transformation will need to be business case literate in an automated, decision-focused future.


Digital transformation and analytics have yielded great ideas for monetising data, yet a high majority of projects still fail either by not meeting business expectations or not getting funding approval. Often the proper use of data science methods is the focus of use cases and literature, while the story told by data and its clear communication to a mixed audience of decision-makers and co-workers is commonly neglected. This neglect of storytelling with data has become the Achilles heel of successful digital transformation.

Digital business case literacy is the twin sibling of data literacy

Data literacy is the ability to identify, locate, interpret and evaluate information and then communicate key insights effectively. (Australian Public Service Commission, 2018)

Digital business case literacy is the ability to effectively communicate the rationale and key business benefits of a planned initiative in order to get funding for it and deploy it successfully.

This course covers a broad range of business skills, including:

  • Telling a concise story based on data (business storytelling)
  • Using techniques to simplify and abstract complex situations
  • Avoid over and under-engineering of business case calculations and underlying storytelling
  • Communicating technical, business and statistical content in mixed teams
  • Sharpening data stories to apply financial figures to the resulting business case

The course is split into 2 modules that may be taken separately so that participants may apply skills learned in part 1 in the workplace before embarking on part 2.

Part 1: Storytelling with data

This a 1 day course that covers how to apply storytelling techniques to IT-related content, how to deal with decision making in a gut-driven and data-driven context and how to achieve consensus about content, aim and benefit of planned initiatives even before entering the calculation phase of a business case. It introduces a range of skills from sales, neuroscience and psychology that help in formulating and selling digital initiatives and their rationales to internal and external audiences.

Part 2: Funding approval

Part 2 is a 1 day follow-up course that covers preparation of a business story for application of financial figures, the proper selection of KPIs and financial figures for business case calculation and avoidance of typical pitfalls in business case calculations with special focus on analytics and digital transformation projects.

The course is highly recommended for everyone who needs to communicate new and creative initiatives and justify their funding, e.g. managers, data scientists, data engineers, strategists, business analysts, consultants and sales or IT professionals.

In order to reinforce learning, both parts of the course bristle with hands-on examples from the field and practical exercises. Participants will get the chance to work on self-selected cases and creatively introduce them to a mixed audience consisting of their peers.

Participants are recommended to bring their own laptop with internet browser and/or Powerpoint or other presentation software installed for creative use during practical exercises.

Day 1 – Concise data storytelling

  • What is storytelling and why it is essential for the business cases process?
  • Why is storytelling effective and how does it work?
  • Successful storytelling techniques
  • Storytelling in a gut-driven and data-driven decision making context
  • How to shape stories to target audiences and find supporters
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises

Day 2 – Funding Approval

  • Optimising the story line before applying figures to the business case
  • Select appropriate complexity, figures and KPIs for business cases
  • How to keep a customer mind-set in business case calculations
  • The art of selling unpopular figures to popular use cases
  • Predicting and pricing intangible benefits
  • Finding multipliers for your business case
  • Keeping story line and business calculation sound and balanced
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises


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Additional Information

AudienceData and IT Professionals, Management, Business, Analysts
This is a must-do course for any data professionals looking to develop persuasive business cases for intended projects. Therefore this course is of immediate relevance to anyone in areas like sales, project management, marketing, data science as well as the management suite. It complements courses about data literacy, data-driven management and Fundamentals of Data Science and AI as well as technical training for technical data professionals.
PrerequisitesPart 1: General data literacy and knowledge or experience equivalent to the Data-driven Decision-making course is required.
Part 2: Completion of Part 1 is required.
  • Learn to successfully apply compelling business storytelling in a technical context
  • Discover how to find and win supporters for new and creative ideas
  • How to achieve clear consensus within companies about rationale and benefits of intended initiatives
  • Learn skills to develop concise business case calculations that consider new digital opportunities like cloud computing and data monetisation
DurationPart 1 – 1 day
Part 2 – 1 day
Course AuthorThomas Foltyn
TrainerCourses are taught by Thomas Foltyn and/or his hand-picked team of highly skilled instructors.
Delivery MethodIn-person at AlphaZetta Academy locations or on-premise for corporate groups

Meals and refreshments

Catered morning tea and lunch are provided on both days of the course. Please notify us at least a week ahead if you have any special dietary requirements.


Use to email us any questions about the course, including requests for more detail, or for specific content you would like to see covered, or queries regarding prerequisites and suitability.
If you would like to attend but for any reason cannot, please also let us know.


Course material may vary from advertised due to demands and learning pace of attendees. Additional material may be presented, along with or in place of advertised.

Cancellations and refunds

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need to bring my own computer?
For this course it varies by location as to whether you need to bring a laptop. Please check the details on the scheduled course event page for your location where you make your booking. Links to scheduled course events can be found in the top of the right column of this page.

Private and Corporate Training

In addition to our public seminars, workshops and courses, AlphaZetta Academy can provide this training for your organisation in a private setting at your location or ours, or online. Please enquire to discuss your needs.

This is a must-do course for any data professionals looking to develop persuasive business cases for intended projects.

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Private and Corporate Training

In addition to our public seminars, workshops and courses, AlphaZetta Academy can provide this training for your organisation in a private setting at your location or ours, or online. Please enquire to discuss your needs.

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