Knowesis Sift Real Time Analytics


Knowesis Sift Real Time Analytics Knowesis Sift is designed to monitor the state of a customer in real time utilizing industry specific data models. Sift enables an organisation to visualize customer behaviour as it changes and rapidly deploy real time event triggers.Sift enables organisations to track subscriber activities such as:For CSPs: calls made and received, [...]

BI Development


BI Development We provide dedicated Business Intelligence experts and services to get your reporting environment and underlying data structures performing at scale for your business. We support most of the major BI tools and traditional data warehouse as well as open source technology across a wide variety of industries. Our specialists have deep expertise [...]

Financial Management


Financial Management AlphaZetta can help you optimise the efficiency of your company's financial analytics and resources. We help to figure out how best to blend operational data,  unstructured data such as text and weblog data and your ERPs data for single view of financial information across the enterprise. Our expert financial services practitioners help you utilise [...]

Strategic Project & Vendor Management


We view project management akin to running a military brigade, which requires precise planning, discipline and quick action. We can provide Project Managers on demand or manage your program as a whole. We specialise in 4 services: Program Planning Project Mobilization Project Management Vendor Management We provide a disciplined and structured approach to [...]

Robotic Data Scientist For Marketeers


Cadence provides deep insights and highly personalized offers across large scale customer bases for Marketing. Cadence is powered using machine learning & incorporates information from across the enterprise using open-source technology. Its unique data structures allow you to understand transactions, visualize customer journeys and gather insights to create seamless customer experiences.Cadence is deployable across [...]

Enterprise Big Data Architecture


Enterprise Big Data Architecture Our Big Data Architecture experts have experience across the open-source analytic stack and use a proven 3 stage methodology to ensure a data architecture that delivers business results. With the explosive growth in data volumes, data architecture design can itself be a challenge. Add to the mix the rapidly-evolving big [...]

Analytic Review & Advisory Services


Analytic Review & Advisory Services From an hour of advice to a full strategic review of your analytic capability. Our senior experts share their deep practical experience to give you actionable recommendations to optimise your analytic program. AlphaZetta's team includes senior experts that have managed and implemented large scale analytic capabilities for leading [...]

Analytic Cloud Services


Analytic Cloud Services Get up and running using the Cloud for Analytics. We can help advise on the options and put a practical plan in place to get started. We will guide you through selection of the right Cloud platform to getting your first use cases loaded and built. From simple sandboxes and [...]

Data Science As A Service


Data Science as a Service Access to Senior Data Scientists on demand. Got a business problem or cool idea in mind but not the expertise to go after it?  Need a boost to your in-house team resources? Our team of Data Scientists will help you scope shape and solve the problem using the latest [...]

Big Data Business Driven Roadmap


Big Data Business Driven Roadmap Brings practical use cases and ROI to your Big Data program. We use our methodology and knowledge of proven use cases to generate a business use case driven Roadmap for Big Data and Advanced Analytics. A short 1 to 2 week engagement develops the use cases and a [...]