Project Description

Big Data Business Driven Roadmap

Brings practical use cases and ROI to your Big Data program. We use our methodology and knowledge of proven use cases to generate a business use case driven Roadmap for Big Data and Advanced Analytics. A short 1 to 2 week engagement develops the use cases and a longer 4 week engagement develops a full Roadmap including the technology stack required to enable it.

One of the largest challenges facing Hadoop and Big Data implementations is generating business value. Our experts have worked on leading Big Data programs globally and can help you rapidly identify the business use cases needed to drive ROI from your investment. We use an evaluation tool to rank your use cases by potential value and ease of execution given your current data landscape. It allows us to develop a clear Roadmap, sequenced over time, outlining your priority business use cases and the data required to support them.

We offer the Roadmap in modules, allowing you to start with a very small commitment and add on as you go for a complete Roadmap.

  • 1 Hour Best Practice Use Case Seminar: Remote or onsite presentation session highlighting the leading use cases & best practices for your industry
  • 3 Hour Big Data Use Case Workshop: Facilitated onsite workshop where we review and brainstorm uses cases to deliver a list of high value potential use cases specifically for your company
  • 1 to 2 Week Big Data Business Use Case Driven Roadmap: Includes The Big Data Use Case Workshops but extends to identify ROI for each use case and the data requirements. We evaluate the feasibility for each use case and convert that into a practical Business Use Case Roadmap for implementation.
  • 2 Week High Level Architecture Roadmap: Extends the Business Use Case Driven Roadmap to add the Technology Roadmap needed to deliver it.

Taken altogether as a 4 week engagement this service allows you to to identify the high value use cases, understand the data required to deliver them and the technology and architecture stack needed to support them.


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