Project Description

Open Source Migration & EDW Offload

Want to cut the costs of your analytic environment?  Go open source with our offload and migration services. We will help you evaluate your current environment and identify the best targets and strategy for migrating high cost proprietary DW workloads to low cost open source and commodity alternatives.

Open source technology has come a long way in developing its functionality, stability and performance. Today it offers a viable and low cost alternative to many workloads running on expensive proprietary DW systems. By migrating workloads that can efficiently move to open source, you can avoid expensive upgrades and expansions on your higher cost platforms.

We provide a number of services to help you migrate and optimise your ecosystem

  • Identification of workloads suitable for migration
  • Planning, scoping and cost estimation of migration activity
  • Migration services, redevelopment of the targeted functions to open source
  • If you are new to open source we can also help set up your first platform to get started

If you are interested or just want to discuss in confidence your current scenario please let us know via the enquiry button here and we will be in touch shortly