Our highly ethical approach to providing your offshore data operations team takes a weight off your shoulders. Whether it’s one person or many, we offer transparency in the way we contract and care for our team when they’re embedded into yours.

Our Philippines based offshore teams specialize in data operations, leveraging AlphaZetta’s 900+ strong international talent pool of industry experts.

Our right-shoring approach to remote team management combined with globally available online training and recognised big-vendor certifications, mean we have skilled technical resources in lower cost countries that provide substantial savings opportunities to businesses in higher cost locations.

AlphaZetta understands how all this works beautifully, with years of experience managing expert teams for our clients: AlphaZetta was born virtual. We make it simple and highly cost effective.

Benefits of going offshore for data operations:

  • Specialised advice, tools and techniques
  • Far lower resource costs
  • Access to a larger talent pool
  • Greater range and flexibility for operating hours
  • Zero office costs
  • Greatly reduced management overhead
  • One itemised monthly bill
  • Equally qualified resources
offshore data operations roles
Prevalence of skills within AlphaZetta's Philippines data operations talent base

Offshore Data Operations

Mature processes and outcomes to augment your local operation

We offer an end to end service to look after your offshore data ops team:

  • Search, screen, hire
  • Onboard and train
  • Manage in accordance with local labor and revenue bureau regulations
  • Ensure security of data and IP
  • Provide HR and other essential soft-services
  • Pay salaries
  • Provide reports on KPIs as required

Low client effort in onboarding offshore data operations teams

offshore data team onboarding process
  • Client decides on team resources
  • AlphaZetta sources and recruits the team
  • Client does the final interview/s and makes the final decision on resources
  • Resources are dedicated to the client and onboarded / integrated into client onshore team.
  • Offshore and onshore leads are twinned with each other
  • The very best people are hired for better service and low attrition
  • Ongoing training, mentoring and learning
  • Access to AlphaZetta’s 900+ pool of world-class talent.

Client case study: Volt Bank

Volt Bank engaged AlphaZetta’s technical managed services resources in the Philippines from December 2018, accessing a world-class talent pool and excellent cost advantage.

In a proven and efficient model, 4 main service teams with offshore leads, worked closely with onshore leads in Australia.

An outline of the team with highlights of their skills and tasks at Volt is available separately. Guide rates and detailed resumes of Volt’s resources are available on request.

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