Microsoft announces its partnership with GOPASS Global to help make travel safe and easy again.

This week Microsoft delivered a booster shot for the travel industry when it launched a media campaign promoting the partnership it has developed with GOPASS Global, a company created by AlphaZetta. Since our last update, GOPASS has made great progress in bringing it’s travel risk management products to market.

GOPASS Global has now produced seven products in the first year, with more on the way. The solution provides both an online platform and APIs for travel companies and corporations to access the most up to date travel risk information available. The platform provides real time risk scores for pretty much any proposed trip, taking into account data from over 35 sources. GOPASS has also signed significant customers, including Sabre, Global Travel Network, Lufthansa City Centre and Hickory Global Partners.

AlphaZetta’s pivotal role

Microsoft’s article provides more detail about how the platform produces the risk scores and how they are being used by travel companies, it’s quite an interesting read! Of course, the platform is based on analytics and artificial intelligence. Built on 100% Azure via AlphaZetta’s partnership with Microsoft, the platform uses AI to produce trend information that informs the risk score algorithm.

The article also converses with our founder and CEO Tony Ohlsson and founder and director Mark Radford, who are also CDO and CEO respectively at GOPASS. Nice job Tony and Mark!

GOPASS Global was conceived and built by AlphaZetta consultants. AlphaZetta’s CTO Gareth Roblin has made a significant contribution to GOPASS in leading the development effort as CTO along with the core dev team of Mark Santos, Shinji Yumikura, Matt Munn, Anna Avagyan, Dr Martin Roberts, Liz Flower, Rowena Go, Beatrice Rodriguez, Diana Ayvazyan and Darwin Molero. Big kudos also to Alec Gardner (ANZ Chapter Manager) who worked closely with Microsoft to make the partnership happen. As of today, over 30 consultants spanning Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand have collaborated to bring the solution to life.

Successful funding rounds

Having successfully raised over USD$750,000 in capital via seed and pre-series A rounds, GOPASS Global is now currently undertaking a Series A funding round, which is well subscribed already. For more information about that or to invest, please contact us.

Read Microsoft’s full article: GOPASS Global derisks pandemic-impacted travel with AI infused analytics

Liz Flower
Web Content Manager & Technical Writer

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

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