Traditional enterprises struggle with the agility of the IT development process. A cultural change is needed to enable predictable, repeatable, frequent, transparent and reliable releases in a cost-efficient manner. This one day DevOps Overview training course gives a deeper understanding of how to gradually reduce the release cycle time enabled by automation. The target group is a person who will have a role in a future DevOps project or program. We take you on a path on the deployment pipeline through build, test, and release steps giving you the skills to understand what is needed for reach continuous integration.


  1. The DevOps process overview
  2. Building a DevOps strategy
  3. Alternate approaches, phased development paths
  4. Case studies
  5. Continuous business planning and requirement management
  6. Tool examples and recommendations

DevOps Maturity Levels

Level 0Level 1 Level 2 Level 3Level 4

• Manual Builds
• Strategy in place
• Departmental pilots
• Fundamentals work
• Defining standards
• Mostly manual tests
• No more than a few releases a month
• Mostly manual deployments


• Manual data migrations
• Structured requirements management
• Some version management
• Infrequent commits
• Agile management
• Change management
• Test management
• Often rollbacks
• Limited process traceability


• Full version control
• Libraries and dependencies managed
• Basic config management
• Code management
• High test automation
• Flexible provisioning
• Zero downtime deploys
• Quality metrics in place
• Proactive environment management
• Same deployment process for every environment


• Daily commits
• Full config management
• Extended co-located teams
• No emails. Full collaboration
• Automated provisioning
• Basic build management
• Component based architecture
• Full release and rollback processes in place
• DevOps metrics embedded in continuous improvement

High Performance

• Fully auditable change management
• Full build management
• Continuous integration and deployment
• Automated pipelines
• Zero touch handovers
• Infra as a code
• Fast feedback
• Fast fix cycles

Additional Information – DevOps Overview Training

AudienceC-Suite, Management, Business, Expert
IT management, business owners, digital transformation team members, change specialists, business analysts, business requirements specialists, IT project management, agile and lean people, IT Architects, administrators and engineers, development, testing and deployment team members, operations and support organizations, managed services.
  • Basic understanding of the SDLC process.
  • Basic understanding of agile process.
  • Basic understanding from different practical case studies.
  • Learn the key terminology, principles and concepts of DevOps.
  • Understand deployment pipeline stage key processes and success factors.
  • Understand which problems DevOps aims to solve and which are the major pitfalls to avoid.
  • Understand what is needed for your own DevOps endeavour and where to start.
  • Know how to utilise value stream modelling to reduce pipeline risks.
  • Understand how to deploy end-to-end traceability.
  • Get the background information to be able to contribute to DevOps strategy and deployment.
  • Understand what is needed from you and how your work may change in the future.
  • Basic understanding of supporting technology.
  • Learn how to do an initiation project.
Duration1 day
Course AuthorPekka Barck
TrainerCourses are taught by Pekka Barck and/or his hand-picked team of highly skilled instructors.
Delivery MethodOnline, in-person at AlphaZetta Academy locations or on-premise for corporate groups

Our online courses run as live online meetings using Zoom for the video meeting part and Microsoft virtual computers for the practical components. The benefit of having a live trainer for online training is you can ask questions, obtain mentoring from the trainer and interact with classmates.

Course participants will require the following technologies and online accounts. Please check that your setup satisfies these requirements:

  • Course participants will require the following technologies and online accounts:
  • Reliable computer (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • Webcam (to help facilitate the mentoring aspect of our training)
  • Reliable internet access
  • A quiet space
  • Zoom video conferencing software and Zoom account (register and pre-install the software at
  • Microsoft account in order to access the virtual lab PCs (Existing or new account. There’s nothing to be installed, you just need an account to sign-in with.)

Meals and refreshments

Face-to-face courses: Catered morning tea and lunch are provided on both days of the course. Please notify us at least a week ahead if you have any special dietary requirements.


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Course material may vary from advertised due to demands and learning pace of attendees. Additional material may be presented, along with or in place of advertised.

Cancellations and refunds

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Private and Corporate Training

In addition to our public seminars, workshops and courses, AlphaZetta Academy can provide this training for your organisation in a private setting at your location or ours, or online. Please enquire to discuss your needs.

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