The Gig Vol 21

The Gig Vol 21

Welcome to AlphaZetta, The Gig Vol 21.

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a frenetic few weeks since my last update with a lot happening on all sorts of fronts, so quite a bit to catch up on!

First a quick congratulations to everyone in AlphaZetta. We have just reached our 10 month anniversary, booked our first $1m in projects and our steady growth continues! Today we are, 280 Independent Analytics Consultants, spread across 27 countries. A very warm welcome to everyone who is new and congratulations to all for breaking the 250 milestone!

Alongside this growth, over the last months, we have kicked off a range of projects in Australia, NZ, Singapore, Europe and I am really pleased to be able to update that our first two US projects are underway!!  One is for a new digital bank and the other is with GE Aviation Digital. I want to give a shout out to Patrick Coppinger (Denver) Alex Heidl (Zurich) and Clare Ward (Dubai) for their recent work with GE Aviation in Texas, which was just fantastic. Nice to see a global team come together like that. Especially so as we got absolutely great feedback from the GE team for the 60 use cases the team developed with them. So well done everyone: our client list is expanding bit by bit each month including some of the first work now coming through partners, most notably this month from Teradata.

Many of us are also engaged in a growing list of pre-sales opportunities and I want to thank everyone involved in this. Ultimately creating our own AlphaZetta projects with clients is where we all win. It takes time and patience as sales cycles in analytics are notoriously long, it’s usually 3 months or more (over a year sometimes) before opportunities crystallise and a team mobilises. The bigger the opportunity and client, the longer the cycle. There are procurement systems and protocols to break into and clients change their minds frequently, restructures happen and budgets shift around. Given all this, what we have achieved so far in just 10 months is really amazing, hats off to all of those involved. And for anyone wanting work I encourage you to have a go positioning AlphaZetta locally or join some of the pre-sales work with others as they get posted on the site.

We also now have a growing backlog of people waiting to join AlphaZetta and to be verified, so please share with any new members that you are inviting that it may take a short time to get verified. This process is time consuming because it is manual, however, it is a vital step as it ensures that we keep the standards of the community. We hope new applicants will understand that it can take a little time to schedule interviews and complete the review.

It’s time to book: The AlphaZetta Global Analytics Summit in Bali is now just 30 days away.

As many of you know we are having our very first Global Analytics Summit in Bali, at The W Bali Seminyak Resort on the 16th and 17th of December. I am really excited about this. So far ~40 of us have grabbed a ticket and booked a flight and we think around 50 of us will attend.

There is still plenty of time to join in. What started as a suggestion from Stephen Brobst (“lets get a few of the practitioners together in Bali for the weekend to talk analytics”), has grown now to a really fantastic agenda with a brilliant speaker list. If you haven’t seen the final agenda and speakers jump on the links below and take a look. The only slot still TBD was who would join from GE Aviation and we will now have Frank Siegers from GE lead that session, so all speakers are confirmed now.

I think this will be a pretty unique experience, the idea was to create the opposite of the ‘speed dating, card swapping’ feel of large city conferences, where we would all have time to talk and get to know each other. The format allows plenty of time to socialise and make lasting connections both with the speakers and the others attending. If you can get there, it will be an amazing opportunity to meet a whole range of some of the best analytics practitioners from all over the world in a very casual setting. And of course to have a brilliant weekend in an amazing setting as a bonus.

If you can’t get a leave slip from your partner, you are welcome to bring them. Flights to Bali from most places are super cheap and accommodation ranges from the luxurious to the very simple, right down to $25 a night so it can also be very economical.

You can download a really great PDF overview of the Global Analytics Summit (worth doing just for the Bali images alone) on the AZ Slack channel #bali . and the details are also up on the site in My AlphaZetta. You can book directly online or if all that’s too hard, email us here and let us know you’re coming. Don’t forget to add the discount code when booking.

If you want to invite your clients or others who aren’t AlphaZetta members, the details are also available to the public at or email them the PDF. If your client does want to come you can email me if you need to comp them or do anything special for them, just let us know.

So, let’s make this Christmas a very different one and all head to Bali together for the first global gathering of independent analytics consultants! For those that are going, I’ll see you at the Woo Bar for a Sunset drink on Friday the 15th.

The Gigs

We have 9 gigs open this week as below. Please see the details on the site and apply there, this is just a summary:

If you don’t fit the roles but know of others that do, please give them a nudge and encourage them to join. You will help them and help the person trying to fill a gig, neatly by-passing the recruiters!

  • Head Of Professional Services, for a large analytics vendor in Jakarta
  • Solution Architect for a Neo Bank in Sydney circa 2-3 months contract
  • Risk Data Analysts in New Zealand
  • Cloud Solution Architect, for an e-commerce company can be located anywhere
  • Advisor for a 6 month onsite Strategy Engagement in Malaysia
  • Tableau and SQL developer, 6 month gig onsite in Sydney for a large bank
  • Data Lake Framework and Ingestion Implementation and Agile Insights (multiple roles) for a pre-sales proposal in Malaysia (actually there are 2 of these in play, so a chance to work on both proposals)
  • Senior Data Scientists for Utilities in Dusseldorf Germany
  • Data Architects and Solution experts with big data backgrounds for a range of roles in Singapore with a leading bank.

If you or someone you know fits the bill for these gigs please go to the site, then ‘My AlphaZetta’ and then hit My Projects to get the details.

What’s Coming Next?

Slowly but surely we are rebuilding the AlphaZetta website. To everyone who has been contributing thank you! This is a major task but absolutely worthwhile. We know we have a lot of areas to improve especially around the Gigs and the application process and the overall usability. Thanks everyone for the patience whilst we get this done, we hope to have some of the new functions ready for January to start the new year with a rush.

Oh and one last thing…

If you haven’t jumped into the AZ Slack space yet it’s very easy to do. The instructions are now on the site in My Alphazetta > My Backoffice.

And as always don’t forget

You will earn 5% on all opportunities you bring to the community and other members, so when introducing a project make sure you email register it at – or drop me a note directly.

Our goal is to reward the expert consultants directly who create opportunities for others, so we are more than happy if you want to take up this offer.

Hope that everyone has a great week. Meantime Feel free to Slack, WhatsApp, email, message or call me anytime.

Bring on the revolution!

Kind regards,


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