The Gig Vol 20

The Gig Vol 20

Welcome to AlphaZetta, The Gig Vol 20.

Hi Everyone,

This week we have some big news to announce: The AlphaZetta Global Analytics Summit in Bali. The details are now out and early bookings are open. We are just finalising the speaker schedule and content.

But first a quick update, we have increased in size again and are today, 222 Independent Analytics Consultants, spread across 25 countries. A very warm welcome to everyone who is new and congratulations to all for breaking the 200 milestone!

Just a quick reminder to all, we still have a small backlog of people waiting to be verified, so please share with any new members that you are inviting that it may take a short time to get verified. This process is time consuming because it is manual, however, it is a vital step as it ensures that we keep the standards of the community. We hope new applicants will understand that it can take a little time to schedule interviews and complete the review.

The AlphaZetta Global Analytics Summit, Bali 16th to 17th December

We will have our very first Global Analytics Summit in Bali, at The W Bali Seminyak Resort. I am really excited about this. We wanted to design a very different conference experience; one built for the needs of independent consultants that is focused on content and practical experience sharing.

As an independent consultant one thing I miss about working for large consulting firms and vendors is attending their annual events and kick offs. These events bring together experts from around the world to share knowledge, best practices and provide vital networking opportunities.  So now we have our very own event!

The first major difference to a typical conference or large corporate event is that we can construct the agenda around sharing our expert knowledge. Collectively we have 3,295 years of analytics experience between us and represent some of the very best analytics practitioners on the planet. The Bali summit will focus on use cases, best practices, future trends and implementation experiences. Because we are self funded and not dependent on sponsorships we can be free of corporate dogma and paid sales presentations. This allows us to really put the emphasis on the content. We have a great range of speakers already confirmed and headlined by Stephen Brobst and Dr Eugene Dubossarsky. Another 10 are lined up, all of whom are independent experts with deep practical experience.

Plus we have some AZ clients confirmed including Luke Bunbury, Chief Operating Officer of Australian Digital Finance who will talk through starting a brand new data driven digital bank in Australia. We hope to have GE Aviation Digital who can share their great stories on the new engine and inflight analytics that have been made possible on the latest generation of aircraft (787 and A350). We will add another customer speaker soon (suggestions welcome).

The second big difference is the scale. We want to keep it intimate, so those that attend get time to meet and get to know the speakers and the experts. We want to slow time down a bit so there is opportunity for questions and time over lunches, social events and late into the evening to go deeper into discussions. With tongue in cheek we called it ‘Deep Learning, with a difference’ as it’s all about our own deep learning. We expect ~50 of us and have a cap now of 100. With that sort of mix there should be a good ratio between speakers and attendees.

The third big difference is the cost. Whilst some large conferences can reach US$1500 plus, AlphaZetta will subsidise attendance so we are pleased to be able to offer early bird tickets for US$50 each, for AlphaZetta consultants and clients (up until 31 October or the first 50 tickets) and then the price will be US$100. The nominal ticket cost for AZ consultants is really there just to ensure that people who RSVP will actually go, so that we can plan the numbers with the W hotel. For this same reason tickets are non refundable (but can be transferred to other AZ consultants), so take care when booking.

To get this discount on the Early Bird rate you need to enter the AZ consultants’ discount code: rm2EKBc1-alphazetta

The Global Analytics Summit is also open to clients, the now 1700 strong Analytics Freelancers in our Meetups and the general public at US$400 a ticket (US$ 100 for the early bird rate). So you are welcome to invite clients and friends.

The accommodation rates The W have given us (US$285 for a single occupancy including the ++taxes) are very good for that resort if you are after a bit of serious luxury.  And we picked The W Seminyak Resort as there are a ton of other budget options in walking distance around it, for those who want moderate and budget hotels. They go right down to under US$40 per night. Bali can be very reasonably priced for those used to European city prices.

The idea is that even with flights and accommodation most people can join the Bali Summit for around the same price as a large city conference (US$1500) but you get a trip to Bali, a fabulous location and hotel on the beach and you are welcome to bring your partners or family and roll it into your Christmas Holidays. As we are all independents it also allows the cheeky possibility of a business expense (check your local country tax rules first though as some countries are on to this).

You can download a really great PDF overview of the Global Analytics Summit, (worth doing just for the Bali images alone) on the AZ Slack channel #bali. You can also post any questions, speaker recommendations or just let others know you are going.

The details are now up on the site in My AlphaZetta and you can book directly online. Don’t forget to add the discount code when booking.

If you want to share the details with clients or others who aren’t AlphaZetta members, the details are also available to the public at

So, let’s make this Christmas a very different one and all head to Bali together for the first global gathering of independent analytics consultants.

The Gigs

We have 11 gigs open this week as below. Please see the details on the site and apply there, this is just a summary:

If you don’t fit the roles but know of others that do, please give them a nudge and encourage them to join. You will help them and help the person trying to fill a gig, neatly by-passing the recruiters!

  • A Data Scientist for one of the leading New Zealand Banks, onsite in Auckland
  • IFRS9 data modelling and analysis consultant, 6 months onsite in Wellington New Zealand
  • Data Migration Architect for a migration to AWS with Sainsbury Bank in Edinburgh Scotland
  • A Kafka/Spark Engineer for onsite work in central Florida. Long term gig, visa may be possible
  • A trainer for NOSQL in Vienna Austria, also onsite
  • Seimens Mindsphere, presales opportunity. Anyone with solutions or applications that would like to get onto the Siemens IoT platform should apply for this.
  • Project Manager for Commerzbank in Frankfurt Germany for a Hadoop project
  • Data Architect & Evangelist for a brand new digital bank in Sydney Australia. Must be onsite
  • Data Scientists for various projects for a brand new digital bank in Sydney Australia. Must be onsite
  • GE Airlines and Airports use case library business consulting project – we are still looking for remote support for the team that will be on the ground
  • GE Agile Insights, registration for the upcoming GE work including the Korean and Australian engagements.

If you or someone you know fits the bill for these gigs please go to the site, then ‘My AlphaZetta’ and then hit My Projects to get the details.

My Knowledge

We have just uploaded the overview video of Digileum IPM+to the site.

This IoT app analyses and optimises the energy consumption from all devices connected to a network such as desktops. It may sound like a small item to optimise but reducing the power consumption of devices in organisations like banks, telcos, schools, government offices, call centers and outsourced service providers can produce massive direct cost savings on power bills. Interestingly, as it reduces the heat generation from idle devices, it also delivers a measurable impact on cooling systems and other downstream costs.

And they have already garnered a following with clients including large banks, governments, cities and universities in the US, Australia and Asia – so it’s already on very solid ground.

You will find the video in the My Knowledge section of the site. Jump in and take a look when you get a moment.

Or for more background info just hit I want a solution or connect on the AZ Slack channel #supportdigileum for any questions and to get more and support material.

And of course, if you have your own solutions that you want to put forward to the community, we are very happy to consider it. Ultimately we would like to develop out IP that the AZ community creates and help you market that globally. It’s all part of moving beyond just selling your hours. If you do have a use case, app, IP or solution you think would be suitable please let Doc Ligot and I know.

What’s Coming Next?

A very important part of being in AlphaZetta is the community and the chance to learn and share from each other. It’s fantastic that we are all very good at virtual working but face to face get togethers are a very important part of what we want to develop. Watch for the following events if you happen to be in any of these cities and for all the details and events you can now see them in the new events page on the site in My AlphaZetta and then My Events.

  • Copenhagen, September 20th
  • Manila,  September 26th
  • Zurich, September 11th
  • Warsaw, September 20th
  • Cebu, October 16th
  • Vienna, November 7th
  • Auckland, September 6th
  • Melbourne, September 19th
  • Kuala Lumpur, September 11th
  • And of course Bali, December 16th & 17th

Oh and one last thing…

If you haven’t jumped into the AZ Slack space yet it’s very easy to do. The instructions are now on the site in My Alphazetta > My Backoffice.

And as always don’t forget

You will earn 5% on all opportunities you bring to the community and other members, so when introducing a project make sure you email register it at – or drop me a note directly.

Our goal is to reward the expert consultants directly who create opportunities for others, so we are more than happy if you want to take up this offer.

Hope that everyone has a great week. Meantime Feel free to Slack, WhatsApp, email, message or call me anytime.

Bring on the revolution!

Kind regards,


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