Robotic Data Scientist For Marketeers2018-07-25T03:33:40+00:00

Project Description

Cadence provides deep insights and highly personalized offers across large scale customer bases for Marketing. Cadence is powered using machine learning & incorporates information from across the enterprise using open-source technology. Its unique data structures allow you to understand transactions, visualize customer journeys and gather insights to create seamless customer experiences.

Cadence is deployable across industries of Banking, Financial Institutions, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Ecommerce & Telecommunications to automatically solve some of the biggest challenges pertaining to their customers.


  • Holistic view of customers
  • Customer-centric ontology
  • Live, operational, actionable insights
  • Context-aware and dynamic
  • Ability to cater to 100% users
  • Integration with existing channels


  • One to one targeting and marketing
  • Effective cross-selling & up-selling
  • Personalized, relevant and timely advertisements
  • Personalized services across channels
  • Contextual results for better customer experience
  • Quick decisions for credit products
  • Preventing customer churn
  • Upto 25% increase in sales conversions
  • Increase addressable market space
  • Eliminates disparate data silos


Cadence – Robotic Data Scientist [PDF, 517K]