Project Description

Real Time Analytic Prototype

Agile rapid deployment methodology to get your Real Time Analytic prototype built in just 6 weeks. We can guide you through the most effective use cases to focus on and, using our agile methodology, rapidly build out a working prototype with you.

Developing a Real Time Analytic capability has become the key strategic building block in a Digital IOT world. The use cases are pragmatic and deliver material ROI. For example:

  • Manage customer experience as it happens, across airlines, telcos and financial institutions
  • Dialogue in real time as customers browse the web and mobile apps
  • Support in-store shopping experiences for retailers, loyalty cards and credit cards
  • Monitor and optimise machinery as it runs: factories, trains, trucks, planes & ships
  • Optimise routing and processing paths for logistics, supply chain and delivery businesses
  • Dynamically recommend content and advice via real time recommendation engines

With the rise of open source technology, the cost of Real Time Analytics has fallen significantly. Its now possible to get Real Time use cases up and running quickly and cost effectively. AlphaZetta’s Real Time Prototype service offers:

  • Free feasibility workshops: use case and data definition workshop to identify use cases
  • Data loading, preparation ¬†and profiling
  • Agile development of ¬†prototype capability
  • Optional test and refine phase
  • Apache Kafka/Spark/Cassandra architecture

If you have ideas on what you would like to test, contact us and we can discuss how we can help.