Project Description

Enterprise Big Data Architecture

Our Big Data Architecture experts have experience across the open-source analytic stack and use a proven 3 stage methodology to ensure a data architecture that delivers business results.

With the explosive growth in data volumes, data architecture design can itself be a challenge. Add to the mix the rapidly-evolving big data technology stack where new innovations can render older capabilities and even entire tool sets redundant.

Step One ‘As-Is Situation’ assessment, includes the data collected, the types of uses, the motivating business questions, and the tools involved. Step two is the collaborative exercise of identifying those needs not being serviced satisfactorily in the ‘As-Is Architecture’. A crucial deliverable is the identification of the business-driven use cases that can best be serviced by incorporating big data into the core enterprise architecture, referred to as the ‘To-Be Architecture’. In the final step, we provide you the technology options to consider in implementing the To-Be Architecture.

As an optional addendum, we can support the technical evaluation of tools and quantitatively illustrate their placement in the To- Be Architecture.


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