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Project Description

Digileum IPM+

Digileum is a digital business solutions and services provider that aims to simplify digital solution design, deployment, and adoption to maximize business results.

As a call to action to minimize e-waste, Digileum has commercialized a US patented technology called Intelligent Power Management (IPM+) which employs fine-grained power optimizations through IOT data intelligence and proprietary algorithms which:

  • Enable savings in a non-intrusive, zero impact on user-experience, and fully automated manner.
  • Helps your enterprise reduce carbon foot print and save 25-40% of energy consumption through IOT solution of your enterprise IT assets.
  • Designed for cloud, can manage millions of devices, and can handle millions of sensory data.
  • For the CIO, IPM+ provides a ‘green computing’ service to enable eco system-wide management of power as well as to achieve a strong return on investment through direct power savings and IT operations cost reduction.
  • For the COO and CFO, it is a turnkey service for energy cost reduction and for delivery of sustainability analysis and reporting.  IPM+ can more than pay for itself in six months or less with clients.

Digileum IPM+ offers the following in order for you to generate breakthrough optimizations:

  • Powerful Energy Analytics for IT infrastructure
  • Real-time Power Consumption Monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • Correlation of power consumption with IT systems
  • Asset Management Optimization and Automation
  • “Enterprise-Wide” Power Management Schemes
  • Power Savings Without Impacting User Experience or System Performance
  • Power Savings and CO2 Emissions Measured and Quantified


Digileum IPM+ An IBM Bluemix service for workstation/end-user device energy management [PDF, 3.9MB]

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