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The Future of Analytics [Seminar]

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This talk examines key trends in analytics deployment and developments in advanced technology. Specific areas of focus include: (1) data acquisition and delivery, (2) operational intelligence in the real-time enterprise, and (3) analytic applications architecture. The implications of these technology developments for analytic implementations will be discussed with examples [...]

How to Innovate in the Age of Big Data

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The era of Big Data presents exciting opportunities for leveraging analytics to create competitive advantage and new sources of revenue. To maximize business value, however, an enterprise must innovate in the context of good governance models to avoid technology projects for the sake of technology. In this workshop we [...]

Leveraging Advanced Healthcare Analytics

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Trends in healthcare are toward more data, more complexity, more decisions, and less time and resource for execution. The only way to be successful in this environment is to leverage a more advanced framework for healthcare analytics. This workshop will discuss best practices in healthcare delivery and architecture frameworks [...]

Best Practices in Data Lake Deployment

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The concept of “Data Lake” is becoming a widely adopted best practice in constructing an analytic ecosystem. When well executed, a data lake strategy will increase analytic agility for an organisation and provide a foundation for provisioning data into both discovery and integrated data platforms. However, there are many [...]

The Third Wave of the Big Data Revolution: Sensors Everywhere and the Internet of Everything

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The next wave of Big Data Analytics (BDA) will be dominated by sensor data and interconnected devices. This third generation of BDA will dwarf first (weblog) and second (social media) generation data sources in both size and value. This seminar examines the opportunities and challenges associated with collecting, storing, [...]

Smart Cities Using Big Data

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The use of Big Data is a lynch pin in the deployment of smart cities of the future. The potential of Big Data goes far beyond the efficiencies that can be created in areas such as energy consumption, health care, education, and law enforcement. The true potential of Big [...]

Digital Twins and the Future of IoT Analytics

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Digital twin technology is facilitating a new era of data intensive design and operation of machinery, organisations, business processes, and complex systems. The fuel for digital twins is data plus advanced machine learning algorithms. In this workshop we will discuss the design principles for digital twin solutions along with [...]

Mode One versus Mode Two Analytics Deployment

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Bimodal deployment is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work – one focused on predictability and the other focused on exploration. Gartner has observed that organisations that focus only on mode one (predictable) deployment of analytics in the construction of reliable, stable, and high-performance capabilities [...]

Analytics in a Virtual World: Cloud Computing and Beyond

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Virtualisation is an increasingly important foundation for cost effective deployment of analytic capability. This session will trace the evolution of virtualisation technologies in the context of analytics and will extrapolate toward future developments in this area. Different flavors of both public and private cloud computing will be discussed along [...]

Leadership and Digital Transformation

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Every industry will be transformed by the new business models and revolutionary possibilities created by digital society in the 21st century. This talk will address the critical success factors that leaders must embrace when transforming an enterprise into a player for the digital age. We will discuss the importance [...]

Management and Exploitation of Geospatial Data

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Use of geospatial data for sophisticated analytics is becoming increasingly important across a wide variety of industries. Advances in the SQL-MM spatial standard and availability of open source solutions have brought new capabilities into the mainstream. This session discusses these new capabilities (spatial data types, spatial query constructs, spatial [...]

Next Generation Analytic Platforms: GPU Technology, Hierarchical In-Memory Computing, Open Source, and Cloud Deployments

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Analytic platforms are evolving more rapidly now than ever in the history of computing. Innovations across multiple fronts of technology are enabling unheard of advances in analytic sophistication at ever more decreasing costs per unit of computation. However, there is a dangerous tendency to chase “shiny new objects” when [...]

Autonomous Decision-Making, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence: What Does It All Mean and Why Should You Care?

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We have entered a new era of analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms beginning to deliver on the long-promised advancement into self-learning systems. These approaches allow us to solve previously intractable problems with completely new attack plans. The appetite of deep learning algorithms for vast amounts of [...]

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