AlphaZetta welcomes well-known Russian expert and digital transformation architect Petr Podymov as the 1st Russian-based author and trainer to be included in the AlphaZetta Academy training catalog. Petr’s 4 course curriculum was published in February 2021.

Recent years have shown that all over the world, public and corporate digital investments carry both huge development potential and a significant risk of failure. Businesses and organizations investing in digital transformation require dedicated learning and transformation programs to be successful to foster a new, digital culture for their workforce and leadership. True digital transformation requires enterprises to be agile, creating a solid platform as the foundation for long-term sustainable growth. In this way, change management is becoming an important part of the mission of many more people in the organization than ever before.
AlphaZetta’s new Digital Enterprise Investments curriculum is intended to equip change agents in the customer’s organization with the best practices for smooth digital investments.

This program includes three thematic courses: Enterprise Digital Portfolio Management , Identifying Digital Change Initiatives, Launching a New Digital Investment, which are offered in the format of classes or webinars totalling 5-days. A condensed 2-day option is available for time-poor executives called Transforming the Organization into a Digital Company.  See curriculum details for the full overview.

The author of the program and a certified trainer of AlphaZetta Academy, Peter Podymov, has been specializing for many years in planning and justifying structural investments in business and programs for complex transformation of the organization. He has nearly 20 years of experience in a variety of positions, from consultant to director of projects and information technology, in banking, retail and education. Peter has participated in the creation of advanced Agile-based organizational management models with leading companies in their industry (including Sberbank and Leroy Merlin). Since 2015, he has been a master’s degree teacher and author of his own programs for professional audiences, and since 2019 he has been actively collaborating with AlphaZetta Academy and its official Russian partner, AnalyticsHub LLC, as a trainer and consultant in data management, business analytics and digital transformation.

Petr, enterprise architectAs noted by Peter Podymov, “The past year has especially clearly demonstrated the role of digitalization in large companies for maintaining and strengthening positions in an unpredictable market. Contrary to popular belief, in achieving the best results, the key role is played not by individual technologies “on the hype”, but by effective models of organization management. The investment model’s compliance with new challenges, the formation of managers’ competencies for its implementation focused on the business value became the goal of launching this training program.

According to Igor Kolodkin, Director of AnalyticsHub Competence Center, “The Russian AlphaZetta chapter considers this event to be a reflection of the growing interest of the Western expert community in Russian developments and accumulated experience in the field of digitalization. The author’s program, made in Russia and offered by AlphaZetta, will allow us to expand cooperation with digital business practitioners around the world. We sincerely congratulate our partner Peter Podymov on this achievement!

AnalyticsHub Company Information

AnalyticsHub (AnalyticsHub LLC) is a Russian consulting company engaged in data analytics and developments of AI/ML technologies. The company has direct agreements with IBM, Alation, Alteryx, HVR and other specialized vendors. The AnalyticsHub team include experts with the track record spanning in design and deployment of analytical ecosystems and digital transformation projects in the banking, retail, public and energy sectors. The company was founded in 2019 and located in Moscow. AnalyticsHub is included in the Top 30 of CNews’ “Analytics 3.0 2020” rating and has got the IBM “Fast Start 2019” Award.

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