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How it Works

For Independent Consultancies

01 – A great way to source new opportunities and increase sales2018-05-07T01:45:25+00:00

For many small analytic companies, the cost of growth can be a challenge. The investment to win new clients and expand to new markets is high.

AlphaZetta was built to provide a better way to grow by sourcing new work together.

As a community, we bring new projects and opportunities to each other and collaborate together to go after larger projects.

As a Member, you will have access to a growing list of analytic projects and opportunities. You can also use the experts, solutions and partner apps to scale up your service to your existing clients.

By joining the AlphaZetta community you join a network of like-minded analytic experts and other small specialist analytic firms, spread across the globe. Each of us has our own contacts, clients and projects. As individuals, we come across many opportunities that are outside our specialist area. By joining together, we can introduce each other to these opportunities.

For our Clients, AlphaZetta also makes it easier, a one stop shop to find the right specialists. Think of AlphaZetta as a ‘Cloud for analytic talent’ or ‘open source analytic consulting’.

Although AlphaZetta is the first community for analytic experts, this form of working has been extremely successful in other areas of consulting.

At the start, we are a small group of like-minded individuals. As we link together, and as each new Member joins we get stronger together.

Join us in the revolution and let’s make a better way of working together.

02 – You maintain complete control and can list your team anonymously2017-01-17T11:24:20+00:00

When your Company joins AlphaZetta, you will stay in complete control.

All request and contacts for any of your solutions, your team, your apps or your services goes to directly you or someone you nominate. So you can decide on behalf of the company what requests to take on and respond to.

We also allow your team members to be listed anonymously, so their name and contact details are kept private and any requests for their services come to you.

And of course, you are able to list your solutions. Here you can outline your, apps and tools, so the AlphaZetta community can access you and position you with their clients.

03 – Increase your scale and reach, not your costs2017-01-17T11:33:42+00:00

By joining AlphaZetta, your company has the entire community resources behind you.

Overnight you have the infrastructure to expand geographically, without any extra costs. You have a presence in all AlphaZetta countries. You can take contracts and payments from any country AlphaZetta supports. Its a way of rapidly expanding your reach, without any costs.

You are also able to use the AlphaZetta brand, resources and capabilities to market to your clients and prospects. Add the credibility of a full international team, very specialised resources and low cost offshoring to your own company profile. AlphaZetta expands the breadth of services and support your can offer your clients to help you get a higher share of their work.

It also means that the community can market your services, apps or tools with their clients. It helps them round out the services they offer and expands your sales force. Its like adding a new channel to go to market through.

04 – The option to take on Projects for other AlphaZetta Members2017-01-17T14:44:28+00:00

Many project requests that AlphaZetta receives need to be led by a consulting firm or company. They are just of a size or a client type that requires a company, rather than an individual, to manage the project. As AlphaZetta is made up of many individual freelance consultants, its common they need to introduce a company to manage their larger projects and opportunities.

These projects are shared between the AlphaZetta consulting firm or company Members, based on their speciality, focus and geography.

Its another way you can grow.

05 – Improve utilization2017-01-02T08:50:20+00:00

AlphaZetta provides a unique way to improve the utilization of your own team, so you can grow.

AlphaZetta allows you to put your consultants to work on other small projects, to smooth the peaks and troughs in your growth rates. This can significantly improve your net margins and lower the risk in building up your team size.

It also provides access to a trusted variable cost talent pool, to boost your team on demand. Allowing you to pitch for new projects with the full confidence that you can staff and manage them.

06 – Low cost, transparent fees2017-01-21T03:42:17+00:00

There are no membership fees. Sign up is free. And there are no ongoing fees.

As a company member you can contract in AlphaZetta consultants to augment your projects or you can contract out your own consultants into other AlphaZetta projects.

AlphaZetta charges a simple 20% booking fee on each contract.  It is added to the daily rates charged by the consultants. The 20% fee is for introducing the opportunity and managing and processing the booking.

From time to time, the AlphaZetta community may also originate larger projects on fixed terms or other conditions for your company. As large analytic projects can be complex, fees for this type of project are worked out on a case by case basis.

07 – A great way to build, test and market your Apps and IP2017-01-21T04:53:55+00:00

AlphaZetta is a great way to make your cool idea a reality.

All Members are welcome to bring to the community their own IP, applications and methodology. We value and respect your ownership of these assets and want to help you develop and market them. We believe that its the innovations from small firms and freelance experts that drive breakthroughs in the industry. For too long the large players have held the advantage purely because of their scale. AlphaZetta aims to give scale to the small innovators, level the playing field and change the game!

If you have an idea, just post a project to the community and get other like minded experts to join with you to make it a reality.  If you have an existing team but need very specialist advice or help, search for the expert you need and engage them. Want to test it out – post it to the community and get feedback and ideas directly from other experts.

Once its built – go global from day one!!

The AlphaZetta community acts as an extended sales force for your IP, applications and methodology.  By listing them internally in the solutions market place, other members can introduce them to their clients when they have the need. You can list them for sale to other members or offer them as partner tools and apps with an incentive for members who originate opportunities. You set your the rates, terms and conditions.

We take IP ownership of our members very seriously and work to protect the rights of the individual innovator. Any member of the community that violates the rights of others are removed without questions and we will work with you as the innovator to take any further action.

08 – Freedom, no ‘lock-ins’, you choose your Projects, Rates and T&C’s2017-01-21T04:56:13+00:00

We respect your freedom and independence and your rights to have clients and work outside of AlphaZetta.

  • No ‘lock-ins’! You can continue to do work outside AlphaZetta with existing contacts or clients as normal, providing of course you do not use our name, material, billing process or resources for this. You are free to take on new clients and build your business directly, outside of AlphaZetta.
  • You set the rates for your consultants and prices for your solutions. We leave you free to negotiate directly with clients for specific terms and conditions and any special rates you may wish to offer, net of the 20% AlphaZetta contracting fee.
  • You choose the projects you take on and are under no obligation to take any project on offer – it’s up to you.
  • You can leave the community at any-time, no questions asked. However, if you are working for a Client introduced through AlphaZetta you cannot re-contract with them outside of AlphaZetta for 12 months following the last day of your AlphaZetta contract.
09 – How do we ensure quality among the AlphaZetta consultants?2019-08-14T08:07:05+00:00

It’s important for all of us joining AlphaZetta that we ensure each of us represents ourselves accurately and honestly and that we perform our engagements at standards that reflect the community. AlphaZetta is not an open database of contractors, we are independent consultants that collaborate together on projects. We actively use peer to peer reviews to ensure we keep the integrity of the community.

On joining AlphaZetta every Expert Member, must go through an acceptance review with a Managing Partner. They ensure that new Members accurately reflect their skills in their profile, companies reflect their capabilities and can deliver what they profess. In this way, every member personally knows and has met other Members.

We want to ensure the global consultancy has the right mix of small firms and that each specialist company delivers to the standard the community expects. For every engagement, we take two-way feedback, a bit like Uber. We get feedback from both the Client and the Expert Member. Unlike Uber we don’t openly publish this to the wider community and clients. Sometimes there can be very specific circumstances on projects which effect this feedback and consulting has significantly lower volumes than taxi rides, so one off feedback can adversely impact someone. Where the feedback warrants it, we reserve the right to delist Members from the consultancy.

10 – Joining is easy2018-05-07T01:46:10+00:00

Joining is easy, and we will help you set up your company in the AlphaZetta community. After you register your interest in joining an AlphaZetta Managing Partner will be in touch and will guide you through the process.

How does the Sign-Up Process Work?

  • Just go to Join the Revolution and register your details and company name
  • An AlphaZetta Managing Partner will contact you and schedule an on-boarding and acceptance meeting
  • If the fit both ways works, we will help set up your company inside the AlphaZetta website and you are live!
  • You can list multiple consultants and your solutions
  • We will then help with introducing your company to the AlphaZetta team and help introduce AlphaZetta to your staff
Equal Opportunity Policy2021-02-14T23:12:35+00:00

AlphaZetta, Singapore-based company adopts The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices
(TGFEP) for its fair and merit-based employment practices.

It is the policy of AlphaZetta to provide employment and consulting opportunities without regard to race,
colour, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran or military status, pregnancy status, gender,
gender identity, sexual orientation, or genetic information. The Company seeks to maintain a highly
productive organization of men and women who represent differences in viewpoints, cultures, races
and gender, and embraces good ideas produced by that diversity. This will be accomplished through
selection and training of qualified people and will provide them with compensation, benefits, and
opportunities for advancement without discrimination.

This policy is subject to the requirements of local laws and regulations. In order to provide equal
employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at AlphaZetta will
be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities.

AlphaZetta does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color,
religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, veteran or military status, marital
status, pregnancy status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by
applicable law.

AlphaZetta will not tolerate acts of discrimination (which includes harassment). No hardship, loss of
benefits, nor penalty may be imposed on an employee as punishment for filing a good faith complaint
of discrimination or responding to a complaint of discrimination, appearing as a witness in the
investigation of a complaint, service as an investigator or otherwise cooperating in a workplace
investigation. Retaliation or attempted retaliation is a violation of this Policy and anyone who engages
in retaliatory behaviour may be subject to discipline as set forth below.

AlphaZetta does not and will not employ child labour or forced labour. In addition, AlphaZetta will not
knowingly engage a supplier or distributor, or enter into a joint venture with an organization, that
employs or subcontracts child labour or forced labour. AlphaZetta defines “child labour” as work or
service extracted from anyone under the age of sixteen, and defines “forced labour” as any work or
service not voluntarily performed and extracted from an individual under threat of force.

Helpline Procedure

If you have a concern that you may have violated this policy, or you have a good faith suspicion that
another AlphaZetta employee is in violation of this policy, you should report this to your assigned
chapter manager or you may reach out at helpline@ .

NOTE: Any consultant who fails to comply with this policy may be subject to discipline, up to and
including termination.

And last, but not least, we respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality!

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