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01 – A great way to source work contracts – onshore and offshore2017-01-21T04:09:58+00:00

For many of us as independent freelancers, in the rapidly growing ‘gig economy’ it’s our freedom, ability to control our work, keep to our values and manage our life balance that we treasure. If only we didn’t have to worry about sourcing future work!

AlphaZetta was founded with a mission to provide a better way to source work together.

As a community of analytic experts, we bring new projects and opportunities to each other.

As a Member you will have access to a growing list of analytic projects and consulting opportunities.

By joining the AlphaZetta community you join a network of like-minded analytic experts spread across the globe. Each of us has our own contacts clients and projects. As individuals, we come across many opportunities that are outside our personal skill set. By joining together, we can introduce each other to these opportunities. Members post these opportunities as projects on the site, for others to apply for.

AlphaZetta also gives clients a one stop shop to source the specialist talent they need, at a much lower cost than big consulting firms or vendors. Clients also post projects and contracting opportunities directly into the AlphaZetta site, expanding further the open opportunities for Members.

AlphaZetta is a Cloud for analytic expertise and talent. You can spin up a project team, source a specialist, get one hour of help right through to using AlphaZetta as a long term resource augmentation partner.

Although AlphaZetta is the first of its kind for independent analytic consultants, this model has been extremely successful in other areas of consulting. The rise of the ‘gig economy’ is being fueled by two powerful trends. On one hand, clients are increasingly sourcing freelance specialist talent to boost their internal analytic teams, moving away from the high cost large firms. On the other, many analytic experts are going independent or to small firms, moving away from the culture, values and politics of the large consulting firms and vendors. Together these forces are reshaping the consulting industry.

At the start, we are a small group of like-minded individuals. As we link together, and as each new Member joins we will get stronger together. The list of work opportunities will grow. The value for clients will increase and the client list will grow. Join us in the revolution and let’s make a better way of working together.

02 – No membership fees and a low-cost booking fee means more for you!2017-01-21T04:14:24+00:00

There are no membership fees. Sign up is free. And there are no ongoing fees.

Instead, AlphaZetta charges a simple 20% booking fee on contracts. This fee is included in the rate charged to clients, for introducing the opportunity and managing and processing the bookings.

Traditional big consulting firms typically mark up their resources by 250% to 300%. For junior resources and offshore resources, it can be significantly higher. We believe it’s too high. We believe experts should get more of the pie and clients should also pay less.

The AlphaZetta model is designed to let the experts earn their fair share.

There are many reasons why the big firms mark up their costs so high, from their expensive office buildings, to layers of back office management, their senior management and, of course, the highly paid managing partners that often vanish once the project begins. All these costs must be covered by the rates they charge out their experts. AlphaZetta does away with all this overhead, so that both clients and experts get a better deal.

03 – Build your own business by introducing other Members to your clients2017-01-21T04:17:47+00:00

As freelance analytics consultants, we are limited to taking individual contracts and it can be hard to expand. Now there is an easier way to build up your business, without having to hire your own staff.

Collaboration is a key part of the AlphaZetta community and it comes with rewards.

When you introduce another AlphaZetta Member to a contract with a client, you will earn 5% of the contract value as a collaboration reward.

So now you can build your business by introducing work for others!

Collaboration Rewards are paid from the AlphaZetta booking fee and help keep each Member incentivized to help the community. They are a great way of recognizing those who create new opportunities for others.

04 – Collaborate to make a team, take on bigger opportunities or build an App!2017-01-21T04:36:48+00:00

One of the key benefits of joining AlphaZetta is the ability to form or join other project teams to support larger project opportunities or to get a group together to build out your idea for the next big application. As the lead, you can construct the terms and source others to help.

You can spin up an entire team and bid for a large project.

By posting your opportunity to the AlphaZetta community, other members can form a team with you, or you can join their teams, to go after larger projects. The team can use all the resources of the community and can contribute the required presales time to successfully bid for your project.

If you need help with managing the contract, we can introduce one of the AlphaZetta consulting firm members to work with you. Or if you just want to pass on the whole project to others, as the introducer, you can still earn a project collaboration reward of 5% of the value.

If you have a cool idea and need others to help make that a reality, you can post a project inviting others with like minds to join you. And once you have built it, you have a ready made channel to go to market with. Post your newly built solution on the site and go global day one!

05 – Your own instant company, just print your business card and go!2017-01-21T04:39:01+00:00

Once you have been accepted as a Member all the AlphaZetta resources are available to you and you can go to market using the AlphaZetta brand, with the instant credibility of a large community at your side.

We take care of a lot of the back office, like the billing system, website, an AlphaZetta email and timesheets, so you can stay focused on your clients. And if you are new to being a freelance analytics consultant we can share tips on how to get set up and get working.

Once you have your Members log-in you can access the member’s area with:

  • Project and Contracting opportunities
  • Solution ideas and templates
  • 3rd Party HW/SW and Tools from our Partners

All you need to do is print your AlphaZetta business cards and go!

06 – Collaborate with the global consultancy for support and specialist expertise2019-07-31T13:28:38+00:00

One of the challenges of being a freelance consultant is being without the resources of a larger firm and without the peer network. There are times when you are onsite and you need to get help, specialist knowledge or just to bounce ideas off another expert.

As a member of AlphaZetta you have the backing and support of the whole consultancy. You can reach out to other members for help, collaboration and sharing. If you need very specific support you can also hire other AlphaZetta members for their knowledge, even if it’s just for a few hours to review something.

All the benefits of being independent with all the benefits of a big firm network!

07 – You own your IP, AlphaZetta will even help you market it!2016-12-28T18:58:48+00:00

In a refreshing break from traditional companies AlphaZetta believes that its Members should own the IP they create* assuming its created free of any client contractual obligations or rights. It’s one of our core principles. If you create a methodology, write code, develop a cool app or use case it’s your creative effort and we respect your IP.

We will also help you market your IP to others. Once you have been accepted as a Member, you can post any IP you own or create to the AlphaZetta Market Place and list it for sale on your own terms. If other Members or Clients would like to use your IP for their projects they can purchase it there.

*IP here refers strictly to work assets created free of any contractual arrangements entered with your clients. AlphaZetta reserves the right to delist members for any violation of client IP rights.

08 – Collaboration Rewards unlock extra income!2017-01-22T01:18:22+00:00

Collaboration is a key philosophy within the AlphaZetta community and we believe you should be rewarded for it. We aim to create an environment where AlphaZetta individual members can build a business beyond selling their own time.

AlphaZetta offers 4 ways to earn rewards for collaboration and boost your business!

  • Introduce another Member’s services to a client, 5% of the value of the services.
  • Introducing a New Member to AlphaZetta.
  • Introducing A New Project To AlphaZetta, 5% of the project value.
  • Successfully Referring an AlphaZetta 3rd Party Partner HW/SW sale, rates vary by partner.

Altogether it means there are 4 different ways to build your own business within the AlphaZetta community.

Participation in Collaboration Rewards is optional. For all the details see Terms and Conditions on the site.

09 – Joining is easy & your profile can be anonymous or open, it’s up to you2018-05-07T01:42:41+00:00

Joining is easy, you can sign up online by following the simple steps below.

Your profile will not be open to the public. To review member profiles, you must join and be accepted as a Client or an Expert Member. Only sample profiles will be shown publicly and only then with your permission.

When you sign up, you have a choice; you can select to keep your personal details (name and photo) completely private and it will display anonymously, or you can share it openly with Members. The benefits of sharing it openly are increasing the chances of a client booking.

If you have another job, part time or full time, you are still welcome to join. Just be sure to mark your availability and need for remote only work accordingly. It is up to you as a Member to ensure that there are no conflicts in you joining with your other commitments. AlphaZetta takes no responsibility for any Members who have other conflicts, it is entirely your responsibility.

If you aren’t available for work, but still want to contribute and support the AlphaZetta community you are welcome to join as an Advisory Member. Just contact us and we will be in touch.

How does the Sign-Up Process Work?

  • Follow Join the Revolution and register, then enter your profile
  • Tick your skills boxes
  • Set your Rates and Availability
  • Schedule your Welcome and Onboarding with an AlphaZetta Managing Partner
  • Once accepted, your profile will go live and you are good to go!
10 – Freedom, no ‘lock-ins’, you choose your projects, Rates and T&C’s2017-01-21T05:15:07+00:00

The AlphaZetta community respects your freedom and independence.

  • No ‘lock-ins’ You may continue to do work outside AlphaZetta with existing contacts or clients, providing of course you do not use our name, material, billing process or resources for this.
  • You can set your own rates and we leave you free to negotiate directly with clients for specific terms and conditions and any special rates you may wish to offer, net of the 20% AlphaZetta contracting fee.
  • You can choose your own projects and are under no obligation to take any project on offer – it’s up to you.
  • If you get an offer from your AlphaZetta client to join them full time as a permanent employee, we fully support that. You just need to notify us in writing.
  • You can leave the community at any-time, no questions asked. If you are working for a Client introduced through AlphaZetta you just cannot re-contract with them outside of AlphaZetta for 12 months following the last day of your AlphaZetta contract.
11 – How do we ensure quality in the AlphaZetta community?2017-01-22T00:47:08+00:00

It’s important for all of us joining the AlphaZetta community that we ensure each of us represents ourselves accurately and honestly and that we perform our engagements at standards that reflect the community. AlphaZetta is not an open database of contractors, we are a community that collaborates together on projects. We actively use peer to peer reviews to ensure we keep the integrity of the community.

On joining AlphaZetta every Expert Member, must go through an acceptance review with a Managing Partner. They ensure that new Members accurately reflect their skills in their profile, companies reflect their capabilities and can deliver what they profess. In this way, every member personally knows and has met other Members.

We want to ensure the community has the right mix of skills and that each Member delivers to the standard the community expects.

For every engagement, we take two-way feedback, a bit like Uber. We get feedback from both the Client and the Expert Member. Unlike Uber we don’t openly publish this to the wider community and clients. Sometimes there can be very specific circumstances on projects which effect this feedback and consulting has significantly lower volumes than taxi rides, so one off feedback can adversely impact someone. Where the feedback warrants it, we reserve the right to delist Members from the community.

Equal Opportunity Policy2021-02-14T23:12:35+00:00

AlphaZetta, Singapore-based company adopts The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices
(TGFEP) for its fair and merit-based employment practices.

It is the policy of AlphaZetta to provide employment and consulting opportunities without regard to race,
colour, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran or military status, pregnancy status, gender,
gender identity, sexual orientation, or genetic information. The Company seeks to maintain a highly
productive organization of men and women who represent differences in viewpoints, cultures, races
and gender, and embraces good ideas produced by that diversity. This will be accomplished through
selection and training of qualified people and will provide them with compensation, benefits, and
opportunities for advancement without discrimination.

This policy is subject to the requirements of local laws and regulations. In order to provide equal
employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at AlphaZetta will
be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities.

AlphaZetta does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color,
religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, veteran or military status, marital
status, pregnancy status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by
applicable law.

AlphaZetta will not tolerate acts of discrimination (which includes harassment). No hardship, loss of
benefits, nor penalty may be imposed on an employee as punishment for filing a good faith complaint
of discrimination or responding to a complaint of discrimination, appearing as a witness in the
investigation of a complaint, service as an investigator or otherwise cooperating in a workplace
investigation. Retaliation or attempted retaliation is a violation of this Policy and anyone who engages
in retaliatory behaviour may be subject to discipline as set forth below.

AlphaZetta does not and will not employ child labour or forced labour. In addition, AlphaZetta will not
knowingly engage a supplier or distributor, or enter into a joint venture with an organization, that
employs or subcontracts child labour or forced labour. AlphaZetta defines “child labour” as work or
service extracted from anyone under the age of sixteen, and defines “forced labour” as any work or
service not voluntarily performed and extracted from an individual under threat of force.

Helpline Procedure

If you have a concern that you may have violated this policy, or you have a good faith suspicion that
another AlphaZetta employee is in violation of this policy, you should report this to your assigned
chapter manager or you may reach out at helpline@ .

NOTE: Any consultant who fails to comply with this policy may be subject to discipline, up to and
including termination.

And last, but not least, we respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality!

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