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How It Works

For Clients

1 – Direct access to the experts, your Cloud for analytic talent2018-03-02T03:39:14+00:00

AlphaZetta solves the problem of getting access to expert analytic talent.

Just like Cloud computing but for analytic resources, now you can access a pool of specialist analytic experts directly, on tap, on demand. Spin up and disband project teams rapidly and cost effectively. Get access to very specialised consultants, just for when you need them. Onshore and offshore. From an hour of advice right through to fully managed projects on a long term basis, AlphaZetta provides a pool of talent to augment your internal team.

With the rise of Big Data, IOT, Open Source and the Cloud, a revolution is underway as analytic technology becomes easily accessible to all, at dramatically lower costs. Yet for many the promises of this revolution have been frustratingly hard to unlock. Access to the right expert talent has become a significant barrier. Building the internal competency in-house is costly and takes time. Contracting through the large traditional consulting firms can be extraordinarily expensive, beyond the reach of many budgets.

AlphaZetta gives you direct access to a global community of qualified independent analytic experts, without the overhead and cost of the traditional big consulting firms and vendors. We get the gig economy working for you, a one stop shop to make it simple and fast.

Once you have joined as a client, you have access to the AlphaZetta community of independent analytics experts to search and select your team or individual. Find who you need in minutes. You are free to shortlist and interview candidates and can negotiate directly with them for your specific requirements. Once you have your team, you’re good to go! We can bill directly or follow your company’s usual contracting process.

2 – Post a Project and spin up your team2017-01-27T23:09:27+00:00

If you know what you need just Post a Project and let the experts apply directly. Its easy to do and takes just a few minutes!

Projects can be posted for an individual contract right through to large programs requiring many people and solution components.

But they can also be posted just for ideas. If you need experts to collaborate on your new idea or to help shape a concept, post it as a project and let the community respond with expressions of interest and ideas.

Once your project has been posted it is only available to the AlphaZetta experts internally in our secure site. All AlphaZetta Expert Members have been vetted before acceptance and they must log in with their credentials to access projects. We will not post your project externally and other Client Members can not see your project. All responses to your project come to you.

3 – Let us do the work for you, free search and project scoping and advice2017-01-22T01:28:50+00:00

Sometimes it is not easy to work out exactly what you need and who is right for your project or team. And it can take a lot of time, interviews and trial and error to find the right people.

That’s where we come in. Just tell us what you need and we will help get your answer.

An AlphaZetta Managing Partner is on hand to help you pick the right consultants for your project or team if you need it. They are supported by our proprietary search algorithms that help match experts to clients and they add many years of deep practical experience to help you get the best selection possible.

For complex or large projects AlphaZetta Managing Partners are there to help you shape, scope and structure your project. They can help you work out what the best way is to tackle your project, how long it is likely to take and estimate what the total budget will need to be.

4 – All the benefits of a large firm, none of the overheads and costs2017-01-27T23:15:46+00:00

AlphaZetta is not just a database of qualified analytic experts . We collaborate as a community to solve your problems and offer solutions, best practices and methodologies. We are a digital consultancy with all the benefits of a traditional consultancy, just none of the overheads!

We source genuine experts with backgrounds in large clients and large vendors, with hands on experience working on some of the most challenging analytics projects globally. All members are vetted personally by the community and monitored through direct client feedback to ensure their quality. Collaboration is an essential ingredient. The AlphaZetta community shares best practice methodologies and experience and has access to the latest IP, technologies, HW/SW, tools and apps, just like a large consultancy or vendor.

When you hire an AlphaZetta expert, they come with all the benefits, care and flexibility of an independent  but they have the whole AlphaZetta community and resources to support them in delivering your project. So you get all the benefits of a big firm supporting you, just without the high costs and overheads!

5 – Break free with lower costs and transparent fees2017-01-22T01:50:19+00:00

AlphaZetta lets you book direct with the Analytic Experts and save.

Traditional big consulting firms typically mark up their resources by 250% to 300%. For junior resources and offshore resources, it can be significantly higher. We believe its too high.

There are many reasons why the big firms mark up their costs so high, from their expensive office buildings, to layers of back office management and, of course, the highly paid Partners that seem to vanish once the real project work starts. All of these costs must be covered by you as the client, and so the big firms add them into the overheads on your project costs. For many of us who have been clients, it’s a frustrating scenario.

Now you can break free.

AlphaZetta only charges one simple and transparent 20% booking fee.

And you get the actual expert of your choice, no more sending in the juniors!

Like Uber but for Analytic Consultants or perhaps ‘Open Source Consulting’, AlphaZetta does away with all the unnecessary overheads and management layers – we just match you with the best available analytic talent there is. From that point it is between you and the individual.

The savings can be significant. And because you are hiring independent consultants, they often care much more about their reputation and follow on work and a lot less about charging endless change requests.

6 – How do we ensure quality in the AlphaZetta community?2017-03-31T02:33:20+00:00

The experts at AlphaZetta are carefully screened and vetted before they can join the community and they are reviewed again after every engagement. AlphaZetta is not an open database of contractors, each individual is fully reviewed and peer referenced.

We ensure the community has the right mix of Expert Members and that each Expert Member delivers to the standard the community expects. We actively use peer to peer reviews to ensure we keep the integrity of the community. AlphaZetta is organized into small communities, each one with a Managing Partner who knows their community members personally.

On joining AlphaZetta every Expert Member, must go through an acceptance review with a Managing Partner. They ensure that new members accurately reflect their skills in their profile, companies reflect their capabilities and can deliver what they profess. In this way, every member personally knows and has met other members. It’s the first layer of ensuring quality.

For every engagement, we take two-way feedback, a bit like Uber. We get feedback from both the Client and the Expert Member. Unlike Uber we don’t openly publish this to the wider community and clients. Sometimes there can be very specific circumstances on projects which effect this feedback and consulting has significantly lower volumes than taxi rides, so one off feedback can adversely impact someone. Where the feedback warrants it, we delist members from the community.

Should your engagement with an AlphaZetta consultant not meet expectations for any reason, we will work with you to find a suitable replacement.

Whilst AlphaZetta interviews all Expert Members before joining, we do not undertake full security screening checks of a kind that may be required for some Government and Financial Services organizations. If your project requires this screening, we will work with to help your chosen consultant comply.

Please note that AlphaZetta provides introductions and referrals only.

The delivery of any contract is the sole responsibility of the Expert Member and The Client Member. Client Members must do due diligence to ensure that any individual or company they contract following an introduction through AlphaZetta have accurately represented their capabilities and are appropriate for the work envisioned and the rates that are agreed.

7 – What type of projects can AlphaZetta support?2018-05-07T01:44:08+00:00

We support the smallest projects from just a few hours of advice through to large scale implementations. We go from raw data right through to helping you operationalize an insight, model or engine or report. AlphaZetta provides offshore, onshore or hybrid delivery depending on your needs. We are technology independent; our tools or your tools, it’s up to you. We can use your existing technical infrastructure or introduce the latest open source or proprietary technology and tools through our partner arrangements.

AlphaZetta projects range from advice to strategic reviews of analytics environment, to business use case and requirements definition workshops right through to delivery of full analytic projects, ongoing resource augmentation and managed services. Visit our Solutions page for an idea of what projects and technology we support.

8 – Solutions and our partner network2017-01-27T23:35:54+00:00

AlphaZetta offers a range of Solutions that make it easy to select the service or application thats right for you. You are welcome to browse the solutions pages on the site to see what is currently available.

Our Solutions are packaged services and applications or a combination of both. They make it easy to get value quickly and come with experience, methodologies and known price points.

We also offer 3rd Party Applications and HW/SW. We have these arrangements to make it easier for our clients to access and set up the technology the need, without having to manage multiple vendor supplier relationships. AlphaZetta clients are free to go direct to any vendor or use our partner network depending on their individual preferences.

We are building up the list of available partners and solutions, check the ‘I want a solution’ link to see the current offerings.

9 – No lock in policy & you may even hire our experts full time2017-01-28T01:38:09+00:00

AlphaZetta maintains an open ‘no lock in’ policy, which means that AlphaZetta Clients are free to use alternate sources of resourcing for their projects and may discontinue use of the AlphaZetta service at any time that suits them.

In addition, AlphaZetta makes it easy for Clients to hire our Members full time if the need arises. We believe anti poaching clauses restrict the freedom of both our Client Members and Expert Members. At any point in time should you wish to convert an AlphaZetta contractor to a full-time employee, AlphaZetta must be notified in writing, and there is a fee charged to release the Expert Member.

If you do discontinue your relationship with AlphaZetta there are no penalties or costs. However, for 12 months after your login and membership has been withdrawn or following the last day of AlphaZetta contracting work, you can not hire directly (outside of AlphaZetta) any AlphaZetta Members we have introduced to you.

And last, but not least, we respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality!