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Join us for a different conference experience.

Following the success of our Global Analytics Summit in Bali last December, we will bring our event to Europe this summer. We are gathering some of the best independent analytics experts in the world for a full day of in-depth knowledge sharing.

We will continue with the intimate style: we expect ~50 attendees, so there is time for meaningful interactions. No vendor booths, no crowds, no selling. A focus purely on the content and use cases.

We chose Vienna for its heritage and vibrant lifestyle. And with the 25h Hotel located near the MQ, we have a venue location that is part of the Vienna experience.

We also hope this conference allows those who wish, to have their partner and family along for a holiday and make it a summer weekend they will all remember.

Download the the event deck: AZ Global Analytics Summer Camp 2018 Vienna 


Speakers with deep expertise – a mix of use cases and industry thought leadership sessions delivered by the best independent practitioners and experts:


  • from 19:30 Welcome Drinks @ Dachboden, the roof top bar of the 25h Hotel with stunning views over Vienna

Meet and greet familiar and new faces over some finger food and drinks before the conference the next day.

A unique opportunity to mix and mingle in a casual atmosphere and settle into Vienna. Make new friends and catch up with your peers from around the globe.

We will be hosting this get together and look forward to seeing you there! In case you cannot find us, please ask a member of their staff.

What Speaker Start
BREAKFAST 07:30 08:30
Welcome Alexander Heidl & Tony Ohlsson 08:30 08:40
Alphazetta & the Rise of the Gig Economy Tony Ohlsson 08:40 09:00
Big Mistakes to Avoid When Performing Big Data Analytics Stephen Brobst 09:00 10:15
MORNING BREAK 10:15 10:45
GE Aviation Analytics Mark Lynass 10:45 11:30
Real Time Analytics In Telco Customer Journeys Michael Beck-Hansen 11:30 12:15
LUNCH 12:15 13:25
Privacy-Preserving Big Data Sharing Michael Platzer 13:25 14:10
IoT Cyber Security Niels-Axel Berthelsen 14:10 14:55
Analytics in Neo Banks – the Volt Story Luke Bunbury 15:25 16:10
RBI Advanced Analytics applied Georg Köldorfer 16:10 16:55
Closing Alexander Heidl & Tony Ohlsson 16:55 17:10
Networking Apéro 17:10 19:30

Presentation Outlines

The way analytics is delivered and resourced is changing rapidly as the gig economy reshapes the way talent is accessed. This session tracks the changes and opportunities it presents. A first hand recount of the progress, challenges and vision for AlphaZetta as one of the fastest growing analytics companies in the new landscape.

Speaker: Tony Ohlsson, founder of AlphaZetta

Mark Twain, a famous American author, once stated that there are “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.” This phrase is used to describe the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics, to lead people to draw incorrect conclusions. This workshop describes the subtle mistakes that can easily be made when interpreting the results from an analytic study or report. We describe logically sound processes for deciphering data using methods designed to illuminate actionable information for data scientists without distracting or misleading the knowledge worker from the relevant facts needed for effective decision-making. Hence we will look into

  • Learning about common mistakes in interpreting data that lead to incorrect conclusions
  • Learning best practice for avoiding errors when conducting analytics with Big Data
  • Learning about the skill sets that data scientists must possess to avoid big mistakes when performing big data analytics

Speaker: Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata Corporation

As we all know, Telcos are sitting on a wealth of data which, when used the right way, can be applied to personalize sales through own, 2nd and 3rd party channels. Especially adding external data has the potential to boost sales in a very targeted and customer friendly way. But how to actually do it? What has to happen when a consultancy agency drops out and you have to implement the strategy yourself?
In this talk we will go through integrating interesting data points, algorithms and triggers within a customer life cycle model. Furthermore we will look into leveraging the knowledge you can gain from targeting major segments and audiences for winning market shares through automated campaigns.

Speaker: Michael Beck-Hansen, Telco and Marketing Specialist

In recent years, GE has experienced an enormous transformation to become a digital industrial company. Previously, divisions within the company conducted their analytics and developed RM&D capabilities with little interaction across domains.

This has rapidly changed since the introduction of various digital initiatives and emergence of dedicated digital leadership within every division. This change in culture has allowed us to enhance our agility and to offer truly differentiated digital products and services. The digital culture has enabled a democratization of industrial analytics and has allowed their parallel and efficient reuse, deployment and support through a centralized platform.

We will introduce the Aviation Digital analytics ecosystem within GE and present an overview of some of the most inspiring analytics use cases from the world of Aviation.

Speaker: Mark Lynass, Senior Scientist at GE Aviation, Germany

The ongoing digitization of our world results in an ever-increasing amount of personal data being gathered. Processing and sharing these big data assets drive scientific progress, foster innovation, enable faster product development, as well as help optimization of processes. Yet, the very same data, more often than not, contain sensitive, personal information about each one of us, that are to be protected. These conflicting targets, data-driven innovation vs. data protection, pose one of the biggest challenges of today’s digitized world. How can we seize the big data opportunity without infringing individual’s privacy?

In this talk we will walk through the various concepts of privacy, present prominent de-anonymization attacks, illustrate the limitations of anonymization techniques for high-dimensional data, as well as take a look at GDPR and its strict definition of anonymity. And last, but not least, we will take a dive into the world of AI-based synthetic data generation as a viable alternative for information-retaining big data sharing.

Speaker: Michael Platzer, founder of Mostly AI

Companies are engaging in more complex methods of connecting with their customers. Technology has enabled access to information that previously was unobtainable. Nowadays, business leaders and managers are speaking of Industry 4.0, the Cloud, applications and making our society smarter so that we all work and interact more effectively and efficiently.

Conducting business ranges from disruption, digital transformation to create new business models, optimizing processes and creating value for customers.

With IoT, come cheaper and innovative devices capturing sensitive information. For some, with a significant reward if used appropriately, however, others also have their eyes on that same data. They are called “Hackers”.

In the presentation we seek to understand the business opportunities associated with pursuing IoT “implementation”, versus the risks and impact of insufficient attention to IoT Cyber Security from a business perspective. We will address the changes companies need to consider to provoke a data oriented mindset in securing your business.

Speaker: Niels-Axel Berthelsen, IoT Cyber Security Specialist

The story of starting a Neo Bank in Australia built on analytics from the ground up. The finance industry has had its share of disruptors with the rise of the FinTech and blockchain technology, now they face a wave of “Neo Banks” that want to take the incumbents head on. The Australian banking market is one of the toughest in the world where the major banks have had a firm grip on the market for decades. This new bank entrant aims to disrupt the majors with a unique strategy underpinned by ethical values and powered by data and analytics. In this session you get to hear the inside story of how to start a new bank and develop a capability from scratch.

Speaker: Luke Bunbury, CEO of Volt Bank, Australia

A universal bank like Raiffeisen is challenged from various Fintechs and competitors in its innovation strength. Everybody is talking about “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence”, which will revolutionize the way of banking.

But, for a bank that exists more than 130 years the question is how to start. Where can we find the scalable business cases that will enable international growth with new technologies? How can we reuse the existing data pots to leverage our business? Shall the innovation come from outside partners or shall we build this new capability of analytics in a greenfield operation from inside?

In this session Georg will explain how RBI approached “Advanced Analytics”, how his team is practically delivering “Advanced Analytics” and provide insights about the ongoing status of successful use cases.

Speaker: Georg Köldorfer, Head IT Delivery Advanced Analytics at Raiffeisen Bank International


Download: GASC18 Event Deck


25hours Hotel Vienna at Museumsquartier

A play on the dreams and illusion of the colourful circus world in the creative 7th district.

Come on in. At the 25hours Hotel Vienna at MuseumsQuartier, guests are submerged in a bold circus of artists, clowns and elephants. The hotel is their stage. The Augsburg-based design team, Dreimeta, led by Armin Fischer breathes new life into dreams and sensations. You won’t find anything clichée here. Sexy and surprising, surreal and exotic: Vibrant colours, unique vintage finds and exclusive wallpaper by the Berlin-based illustrator, Olaf Hayek shape the design of the 183 guest rooms and 34 suites. The crowning glory: The roof terrace famous across the city with a spectacular few of Vienna and the MuseumsQuartier with the best drinks in the city. 1500 Foodmakers serve cool, Italian cuisine with a hint of American influence.


Please inform us about any dietary requirements you may have during the checkout process. We will pass this on to the venue to cater for.

Breakfast is provided by your hotel of choice.

A selection of beverages is provided during the morning and afternoon breakouts.

  • Nespresso Coffee & Tea
  • Sweet & Salty Snacks
  • Soft Drinks
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Sweet Surprise

  • Set lunch is included in your conference ticket.

Set lunch or buffet – your choice. Tap into the flavours of 1500 Spices – the credo of the local chef de cuisine


Our conference venue is all part of the experience and be at the 25h Hotel Vienna

Special AlphaZetta accommodation package rates are available from €196/night for a single room incl. breakfast. To request your room and check for availability please use our room request form.

Within a short walk to the 25h Hotel there are some nice mid range resort style hotels, and some chains if you want to burn points…

And many more. Best if you check on Google, Booking.com, Expedia, etc…
Hotel room prices change frequently, the prices above were available in April. These hotels
are all a short walk to the 25h Hotel. AlphaZetta has not reviewed them or checked their
quality levels. We recommend the 25h Hotel.

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