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Data Futurology Podcast: Data transparency to build consumer trust – with Tony Ohlsson

The Data Futurology Podcast series is hosted by Felipe Flores. In this instalment, Felipe interviews our founder Tony Ohlsson about Data transparency to build consumer trust. You can also read the summary over [...]

Nathan Kinch – An expert at the intersection of data ethics, customer privacy and experience design

Nathan Kinch shares his thoughts on what AlphaZetta does for him - he values the ability to immediately tap into a global network of people whose values are aligned and therefore ethics really matters [...]

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Niels-Axel Berthelsen – Business & Strategy Professional, IoT & (Cyber) Security

Niels-Axel Berthelsen is an AlphaZetta consultant. In this video he talks about the increasing importance of cyber security and operational technology security with the rise of IOT. The security industry is changing. Where it [...]

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