Apache Spark Training with Jeffrey Aven, Experienced Analytics Instructor + Big Data Author

AlphaZetta Academy offers 3 training courses in data analytics using Apache Spark. From data transformation and analysis to event processing and advanced topics in machine learning, these 2 day short courses won’t disappoint data analysts and data science professionals. Courses are currently being offered in Sydney and Melbourne.

These data analytics courses are face-to-face classroom experiences (the best training) where you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and get feedback in-person. There is no substitute for quality training.

Book online now via the individual course pages, where you can also make an enquiry, or use the Academy Contact page https://alphazetta.ai/academy/academy-contact/

The course instructor is Jeffrey Aven, a big data, open source software, and cloud computing consultant, author and has extensive experience as a technical instructor. He has taught courses on Hadoop and HBase for Cloudera (awarded Cloudera Hadoop Instructor of the Year for APAC in 2013) and courses on Apache Kafka for Confluent in addition to delivering his own courses.

Jeffrey is also the author of several Big Data related books including SAMS Teach Yourself Hadoop in 24 Hours, SAMS Teach Yourself Apache Spark in 24 Hours and Data Analytics with Spark using Python.

In addition to his credentials as an instructor and author, Jeff has over thirty years of industry experience and has been involved in key roles with several major big data and cloud implementations over the last several years.